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    Dunsfold Aerodrome to be turned into a village!?

    I don't know if this is old news or have been posted before, but I was just visiting and read this: I hope this will be scrapped| :cry:
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    Someone has equipped a LP640 with... wait for it..

    ROOF BOX! It belongs to a swedish ski-nutter named Jon Olsson.
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    Car showrooms in London

    Leaving for London tomorrow and I just wondered if you guys knew any good car showrooms for looking at some exotics. I know there's one in Baker Street and I'm planning to visit that exclusive club that Fifth Gear borrowed some cars to park outside Harrods. Cheers :)
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    Eastbourne Motor Show 2007

    I'm currently holidaying in Great Britain and has been staying in Seaford for some days. Obviously I had to check out the ongoing motor show in the neighbor city of Eastbourne, especially since it is hosted by Top Gear's James May! I had a lovely day, got a chat with James himself and he kindly...
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    Mondial de l'automobile (Paris Motor Show) 2006.

    Just came back from Paris and I took some pictures of the cars at the show if anyone wanna have a look ;)
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    Collection of some awesome police vehicles Some of them are really bonkers!
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    Paris Motor Show 2006

    So, im going to the Paris Motor Show 2006 (30.sept - 15.oct) between the 2-4. of october. I'm staying at my friends house in centre paris and i'm looking forward to skipping school to inspect some gorgeous cars. Anything special I should know about it? I hear both the Veyron and Alfa 8C is...
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    Volvo 240 photoshop

    I was bored and made some modifications on my friends 240. Bare in mind that im very new to the program and not experienced with any tricky stuff :p
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    Engine ringtones

    Anyone know any good sites where I can find .mp3's or other filetypes of engine revvs/roars? I need some nice ones to make myself a pretty unique ringtone ;)
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    Orange Zonda

    Could anyone please make this in orange? Would appreciate it very much! I reckon this is the sort of orange I want:
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    Does anyone recognzie this song?

    Its from the episode 7 in the show "Kyle XY".