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  1. Hemihead

    Ownership Verified: Good news, it's the 2015 Dacia!

    As always, a picture for verification. This is my newly bought 2015 Dacia Duster. It's white. That's a good color because you blend in. It also makes your car look like a freezer box on wheels. Apparently, this is the facelifted model. I have no idea how the pre-facelift model looks but i...
  2. Hemihead

    Ownership Verified: Hemiheads WD21, 1990 Nissan Terrano. (Which turned out to be a 1989)

    Background story! The last years have seen a rather spectacular increase in outdoor activities for me, ranging from live-action roleplaying to airsoft battles and general hiking. To get back and forth between those places and home I bought a VW Passat for ?80 that was given some TLC and then...
  3. Hemihead

    Hemiheads Homebrew Harmageddon

    Welcome, dear reader, to a thread where you will see my first fumbling steps into the land of home-brewing! Here I will try to cover any progress (and failure) I encounter while trying to make my own beer. Q: Why brew your own beer? The store is full of all kinds of beer. There are a few...
  4. Hemihead

    Ownership Verified: Hemihead's Audi A4 Avant

    First, the proof pic. The latest addition to the fleet, another Audi! This time a A4 Avant with the 2.6 V6. 150k km on the clock, one owner since 1999, always serviced at the local Audi dealer. Just driven it 65 km so far so i can't give a decent drivers report but the car feels rock solid...
  5. Hemihead

    So, my wife wants to go to Scotland... Go or no?

    As the name of the thread states. My wife wants to visit Scotland, she saw some travel show on TV and has been talking about it ever since. Thing is, she knows very little about Scotland and I know even less. So, dear UKanians on this site, should I start researching places to go (she seems...
  6. Hemihead

    German sedan, Audi 80 2.3E

    The last six months, I have been forced to drive a working but utterly worn-out Mazda 626. Said Mazda decided to break down in a most spectacular way and killed it's own rear suspension. Instead of dumping a huge wad of cash into it, i looked around to see what i could buy with the same amount...
  7. Hemihead

    "Add a Lada to your life" Cheesyness from the eighties.

    Since there have been quite a vivid posting of car commecials, i thought i could give you something else. A car brochure! And not just any brochure, it's from our Soviet friends from Tolyatti. So, pour yourself a glass of vodka, put the Russian national anthem on repeat and enjoy this...
  8. Hemihead

    Peugeot 605 SV24, the slumbering sedan.

    A little note on one of my cars that is in hibernation at the moment. In 2004, i got a nice job with a good pay. Since my means of transportation then was a Fiat Uno 45 i.e (998cc!), i started looking for another car. I wanted a big sedan, preferrably with some "ooomph" under the hood...
  9. Hemihead

    Aftermarket injection on a non-injected car, wich one should i choose?

    As the topic says, in the future, i'm going to experiment with fuel injection on a carbed car (either my Vaz or a Peugeot 305 GT). I poked around the web, looking for a aftermarket injector system that would fit and i found... shedloads. Right now, the MegaSquirt system seems to be the best...
  10. Hemihead

    SAAB Automobile have found a new owner.

    And the ones who have signed a paper with intent to buy SAAB is... *drumroll* Koenigsegg! Sure, there is other investers behind, but still, Koenigsegg. :mrgreen: The news hit swedish newspapers not long ago, still looking for a english version somewhere.
  11. Hemihead

    Vaz 21023, the winterbeater gone mad

    First of all, my english is a bit rusty so forgive me for all the strange spelling and word-mincing. Early 2006, i bought myself a old winterbeater to slide around in the snow with, and faith wanted me to buy a Vaz! It's a soviet tank really, a heavy, solid built car with no extra equipment at...