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  1. Mischief007

    1988 Toyota Landcruiser - What to look out for?

    Going to an auction tomorrow. Car is automatic, 4x4, with 300,000 km. That's all I know. What should I look for? My dad and I have decided that if it is under a grand, we will probably get it if we can hear it run. It has gone...
  2. Mischief007

    My 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

    So some of you know that I finally pulled the trigger on a car I really really wanted. I bought it as is, replaced the pads on the front and rear and it passed safety and e-test (Emission testing) without a problem. The good about the car. It has a rust free straight body which has never been...
  3. Mischief007

    Help me choose a car -- Budget $5000 CDN, RWD, stickshift, preferrably V8

    As the title states. By next spring I want to buy a toy to have fun with and to modify. Grand Prix is going to stay a daily driver and that's it. Here is the extremely short list so far: - Foxbody Mustang and maybe the SN95, maybe - 4th gen LT1 F-Body - Nissan Silvia - Old BMW 6-series When...
  4. Mischief007

    Anybody in the Canadian Forces?

    I was just wondering if anybody here or knows anybody that is currently in the Canadian Forces. I'm specifically looking for some information regarding the first 3 months after being sworn in. The first 3 months are in the Basic Military Training. Thanks
  5. Mischief007

    Social Groups

    I'm unable to browse the social groups in both FF 3.0.5 and IE 7. I click on View All Groups and it takes me to the main Social Groups page. I click on Uncategorized, get the list, click on 2 (for second page), and it goes back to the main Social Groups page.
  6. Mischief007

    Looking to buy my next camera: DSLR

    I know nothing about these cameras other than Canon and Nikon having some amazing products. The choices are out there though and I am reading through it all but still need some help. So what am I looking for: 1) Amateur photographer 2) Will be taking pictures of race cars, nature, etc 3)...
  7. Mischief007

    IGTC - Team Kitty

    I have to thank our Dutch Stiggie Henry for putting in 3 stints and placing in the top 10 for sure. According to the tracker we finished 6th but we will see after the final results. Kevin and I did 1 stint each. I was a nervous wreck until halfway through my stint when I actually started...
  8. Mischief007

    My replacement for the Alero...

    2004 Grand Prix GTP Comp G. I love this thing. Yes it is FWD and auto but it is very comfy. I absolutely love it. If you don't know what Comp G is, look it up. Pretty much top of the line GTP. I got the original window sticker as well and it cost $41,000 CDN when new in 2004.
  9. Mischief007

    Opinions on X1900XTX aftermarket coolers

    I found the VF900 and VF1000 GPU Coolers from Zalman and they are $43 and $53 respectively from Since both those are getting very good reviews I would most likely get one of those. My question is, what others are out there that would provide excellent cooling and be quiet at the same...
  10. Mischief007

    North American Car & Truck of the Year: Chevy Malibu and CX-9 (???) I have no problem with the Malibu. Hey I'm a GM guy so it is all good news for me. Now, Mazda CX-9. Truck of the year? What the hell have they been smoking? Wouldn't it be...
  11. Mischief007

    Team Finalgear Season 6 Race Videos

    Enjoy :). I have it capped at 35 KB/sec upload.
  12. Mischief007

    North Americans: The Jetta TDI Cup --> Driver's Wanted

    You have to be between 16 and 26, hold a valid US, Mexican, or Canadian passport and license, no "professional" racing licenses beyond go karting, etc. More below. There are prizes as well: - Win a race = $1,500 - Win the series = $100,000 - If series champion is selected for a professional...
  13. Mischief007

    S6 2007/12/08 AS Grand Touring - XFR/UFR [2x10]

    2:52.040 - XFR - Team Inferno 2:52.120 - UFR - Team Inferno Pretty even, take your pick for this race.
  14. Mischief007

    S6 2007/12/01 AS National R - TBO

    Don't forget to take the FXO <_<. 2:07.350 - RB4 - Team Inferno 2:06.340 - XRT - N/A 2:05.170 - FXO - N/A but AS National is available Clearly we know what car prevails but I still stand that FWD is the devil :P.
  15. Mischief007

    A1 GP

    I don't see one created so why not create one. I'm currently in the middle of watching the Malaysia GP Feature race and Canada had to take an evasive manouver due to South Africa coming onto the racing line after spinning. Killed Canada's chances to get into the top 10 for the feature after...
  16. Mischief007

    Death by Taser -- Vancouver Airport

    This is another example of overusing the taser. Yes it is great technology but like it has been stated, it should be used just before lethal force. Unless he had a gun or did some soft of gesture to force the RCMP to use the taser, we will never know. Again, tasers are great but I think we...
  17. Mischief007

    GTC Season 1: Team Finalgear are the Team Champions. Burnsy 3rd, Mischief007 7th

    So in the GTC league from, Team Finalgear finished in first place for the squad championship with only a 12 point difference from the Core Gray team. The Core team had a lot of racers so they split into 4 2-man teams. Fields were 20+ deep and it was some amazing racing...
  18. Mischief007

    Pete -- Looking for a skin

    I already posted on LFS Forums as a skin request but I don't think it will be done anytime soon. I'm looking for a Canadian themed skin for the XRT and XRG. Red, white, and black is acceptable but also any other combo that would look good would be welcome too. That's if you have free time...
  19. Mischief007

    (Video) Midterm Report - Team Finalgear

    Ha, made you look!! :P No, video is done. I just have to re-encode because I missed one person's name in the beginning of the video. I will put the video on youtube but where would you like me to upload the 200 MB video to? I usually will go to if nobody has any problems with...
  20. Mischief007

    Editing a video, some quick help, if possible

    I'm working on a video and during the replay I have the words up on the screen for a drive through penalty even though I have Shift+F enabled. Is there a way of getting rid of the wording via a video editor?