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  1. freefall

    [25x03] March 11th, 2018

    Tonight it's all about Japan and its exquisite car scene and traditions. Personally, I think this is one of the best Top Gear episodes ever, old or new, and way superior to anything Grand Tour has to offer. I mean, this is in a completely different league.
  2. freefall

    Why does Top Gear (and Chris Harris) totally ignore Koenigsegg?

    This question had me wondering for a while. Top Gear hadn't reviewed a single Koenigsegg for 11 years now! The Series 8 Episode 1 with the CCX aired in May, 2006. The winged re-appearance doesn't really count. Has Chris Harris ever properly tested a Koenigsegg? I couldn't find any videos. I...
  3. freefall

    Help needed: Buying a used car under $6,000 in LA [solved]

    Hey guys! I'm writing on behalf of my friend, she just moved into LA and she's in need of car. The budget is around $6,000 incl. tax and insurance. Something reliable with an auto. Are there any reputable dealerships/traders that would be rather honest and straightforward about the car's...
  4. freefall

    MX-5/Miata Meetup / World Record Attempt, 15 June 2013, Lelystad, NL

    IMAX-5 website under maintenance at the time of posting, was up earlier.
  5. freefall

    U.S. District Court Rules Iran Behind 9/11 Attacks Quite convenient, right? Perfect timing. Iran is the next country you (the USA) will most likely attack. Most of the things you know are from the media, and the facts are biased at best, and completely falsified and twisted at...
  6. freefall

    TSA Forces Woman to Pull Out Prosthetic Breast

    Source There you go. You have to remember that a) 9/11 (a quite dubious event by any measure) started this craze b) You're paying for it with YOUR money
  7. freefall

    Awesome Lego recreations of iconic photographs/movie moments

    Some random stuff: Source (some pictures were pulled from random places, but I believe it's all his work) And how convenient that I'm just back from an HCB exhibition :P
  8. freefall

    The new-ish Jaguar XF: how do you find it?

    After a somewhat heated discussion on current Jaguar design and who should have done what and whatnot, I decided to see what is the general perception of the new XF(R). We're talking exterior only! EDIT: Voting So-so and below automatically implies that they shouldn't have made it this way...
  9. freefall

    Bill to forbid civilian 9/11 trials, suggests military trial in Guantanamo instead There you go, don't worry about the bad guy, he'll be taken care of. Sleep well tonight. By the way - since some people sort of quote me on that - I did not say that the whole goverment was in on the thing. What I said was that a) there's a massive coverup of what really...
  10. freefall

    Global warming a scam? Hacked Hadley data might suggest so.

    Examiner article Whoop-de-doo :rolleyes: The file(s) in question on TPB.
  11. freefall

    [01x09] September 13th, 2009

    It appears that the new episodes are presented as a continuation of series 1, which was originally expected to run for 15 episodes. The way it should be, really.
  12. freefall

    Top Gear cinematography and camerawork discussion

    Since there are plenty of people interested in photography here, and then even some skilled chaps :lol:, I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated cinematography/filming/camerawork/effects discussion thread. Pop in to ask a question that someone will hopefully be able to answer, or just...
  13. freefall

    [01x07] April 12th, 2009

    Subtitled version
  14. freefall

    [01x06] April 5th, 2009

    :razz: Subtitled version
  15. freefall

    TGR Subtitling Project: current status, information

    This thread was a bit re-routed to reflect current project status and contact information (if I remember to update it accordingly). Current status: We couldn't be arsed to do it any longer, no more translations. Sorry. Episodes 1-8 of the first (and only, so far) series have been completed and...
  16. freefall

    How many people have you converted? (hall of fame)

    Ok, I had this idea today, why not have a thread where everyone can keep a record (and update it!) of the number of people they have converted into the religion of cocking about (i.e. Top Gear :D)! To make it funnier (hopefully) and graphic, in a good sense :D, I decided to have the scores...
  17. freefall

    [01x04] March 15th, 2009

    Discuss. > Subtitled version <
  18. freefall

    [01x03] March 8th, 2009

    The difficult third album is here. You know what not to talk about ;) > Subtitled version <
  19. freefall

    [01x02] March 1st, 2009

    1. Porsche 911 Cabrio B Turbo vs. Aston Martin V8 Roadster Vantage. 2. Used cars for 20,000 roubles [400 GBP]. 3. A star in a reasonably priced car - a singer Alexander Marshal. 4. The Cool Wall. Discuss. My opinion is that this episode is worth giving it another try, if you've given up on...
  20. freefall

    [01x01] February 22nd, 2009

    Vote, discuss. Torrent talk not allowed ;) Subtitled version is out and about.