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  1. lukenwolf

    Lauda accuses Lewis of lying and confirms he wrecked his room in Merc hospitality

    Many different (mostly incorrectly translated) versions of Lauda's statements about in English media, so living and working in Austria myself, I watched the video on ServusTV and made a transcript...
  2. lukenwolf

    How Hard Can It Be...

    ... to show a little more class BBC? I think the first show was a huge missed opportunity. They should have shown some class and started this one with a clean sheet. This bunch keeping the Stig is like showing up at crufts with someone else's dog. And it is totally wrong, because: a) The Stig...
  3. lukenwolf

    State of Affairs at Ferrari : not good

    Looks like Fernando and LdM are getting thoroughly sick of each other if their spat of yesterday is anything to go by and into that chaos The Judge13 dropped this bomb of a news bit: For those, who don't know it, it's a blog established last year and the chief writer seems to have excellent...
  4. lukenwolf

    2013 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Season

    Greetings vrom ze Fatherland I wanted to start this thread yesterday, but I forgot :oops: Anywho. This is the place to discuss this year's DTM season. I'll use this thread to write down my thoughts about this season, whenever something springs to mind and I encourage others to join in. 2013...
  5. lukenwolf

    2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espa?a

    Aaaand another tedious three week break comes to an end as we near the 2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espa?a The Track For years this circuit near Montmel? in Catalunya as been the main testing track of F1 and therefore usually provides a good idea where the cars stand. In the past this has...
  6. lukenwolf

    2012 Japanese Grand Prix

    2012 Formula1 Japanese Grand Prix Track: Suzuka Circuit (Picture taken from Wikipedia) Happy discussions :D
  7. lukenwolf

    2012 Formula One Grand Prix of Hungary

    The German GP Thread came a tad late last week, so this time, it comes a few days earlier... Formula 1 Magyar Nagyd?j 2012 Race Date: July 29th, 2012 Circuit Name: Hungaroring (Mogyor?d, Hungary) Race Distance: 70 laps, 306.66km (190.55mi) Lap Record: Michael Schumacher (Scuderia Ferrari)...
  8. lukenwolf

    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Germany

    Since nobody else did it yet, here is... 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Nordschleifistan or, as foreigners insist on calling it: Germany Race Date: July 22nd, 2012 Circuit Name: Hockenheimring (Baden-W?rtemberg, Germany)# Circuit Length: 4.574 km (2.842 mi) Race Length: 67 laps, 306.458 km...
  9. lukenwolf

    Hamilton DSQ'ed from Oz GP

    Holy mother of Jesus, now it seems to get really rich :mad: After reviewing their Melbourne decision and listening radio communication between McLaren and Hamilton, the stewards found out, that - as they put it - they "deliberately provided evidence misleading the stewards". That's called a...
  10. lukenwolf

    I LOL'ed

    Just did one experiment. I watched one of the UK TopGear episodes (11x01) that they showed synchronized in russia. Seeing that, with the witty translations in russian, I can now understand why the russians rip TGR the riot act. It was better than the original one :lol: Whoever did the dubbing...
  11. lukenwolf

    01x06 postponed to next week

    According to the Ren-TV forum, there was no screening of TGR yesterday, as a concert by the russian group B-2 effed up the schedule. Well, at least it wasn't snooker :lol:
  12. lukenwolf

    [info] Watching TGR online/downloading

    In the past I've always tried to provide a link in the episode threads and I will do so in the future. For those who don't want to wait until I can be arsed to log in, here's a list of good places where you can find the episodes sometimes just a few hours after the actual broadcast :) Please...
  13. lukenwolf

    [1x05] March, 22nd 2009

    May the discussions commence :mrgreen: Watch it online
  14. lukenwolf

    serious case of *WANT*

    WANT ONE :cry::cry:
  15. lukenwolf

    Fomeko as a GT driver

    I went on the Interweb and I found this : Nikolai Fomenko GT Tribute
  16. lukenwolf

    Is Top Gear just cashing in on license fees?

    There's a thread in the TGR forum comparing TGA to TGR, with quite a balanced preference. But the general sentiment is, that both are a bit daft. That led me to think about why TG UK lets this happen? They sold the license to both the Aussies and the Russians, but don't seem to care much about...
  17. lukenwolf

    Top Gear Top Moment

    Maybe that has been done before, but since there's been a sort of nostalgia thing going on in the forums lately, I'll throw my idea in here - what was your absolutely favourite moment of Top Gear? I'm not neccessarily talking about the funniest, it may well also be the most emotional - as it was...
  18. lukenwolf

    Some say... competition

    I don't know wether this has been done before, searching didn't yield any results. So I thought, maybe we could come up with some cheesy introductory lines for the stig and his cousins :D Me's gonna start... Some say, that the German army is reluctant to let him get anywhere near Poland, and...