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    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    Yes it has started well and truly now :) Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 1 Lewis HAMILTON Contract until 2012 2 Heikki KOVALAINEN Expires in a month.* * Heikki is out of contract for next year in terms of his current deal at McLaren. Heikki has confirmed that his McLaren option actually...
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    3 weeks is... too... long.
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    2010 Drivers Thread

    I suppose a new thread is plausible as there are new drivers going to be announced soon in the new teams and coming up in the silly season. Especially if more than the current 3 new teams eventuate if Ferrari and the like dont end up entering. Who do you think will be racing in the 6 new seats...
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    F1 Streaming 2009

    JTV seems to be down at the moment so here are some others:
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    F1 Videos Thread

    I always have F1 videos to share that are amazing and I dont want to put it in cool videos as these are F1 inspired. Just one place to put clips we find instead of separate threads or in GP weekend ones. ^No embedding on this one. And of course :D...
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    Slamball Anyone seen or played this sport? It is American but I've seen many petitions to start in different countries. I bloody love it. I played a mock game of it with only a few trampolines dug into the ground lol...
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    IPL Twenty20

    Well the action gets underway tonight with the Royals taking on the Daredevils. For Aus viewers the games will be shown on One's SD and HD channels. I will be following the Royals but hope to see great action like last year. Going to be sleep deprived for the next month or so when the...
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    MotoGP Dream Team

    If anybody is interested at all. I only started so I could finally try and beat my bad streak in these fantasy games. League: Final Gear Code: 686222 League: Final Gear Code: N9N2N4LXN3 I am Minardi_GP...
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    Official 2009 IndyCar Series Thread

    Streets of St. Petersburg 2009 Driver Standings 1. Ryan Briscoe 50 2. Ryan Hunter-Reay 40 3. Justin Wilson 37 4. Dario Franchitti 32 5. Tony Kanaan 30
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    The Australian Weather Thread

    May as well make a new thread instead of continuing an old one which becomes sort of off-topic. It is so recent nowadays it neeeeds its own thread. Queensland braces for weekend cyclone NORTH and central Queensland will be on cyclone alert over the weekend as the weather bureau monitors a...
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    Australian BBQ (No shrimp)

    I just have to get this off my chest and maybe some of you could display your disgust. So I was at a BBQ yesterday. There was a bit of an issue. A few of the lads came over and they didnt bring anything with them. 5 minutes into the event they ask if they could have some beers and the host said...
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    The Internets!

    The World Wide Web (WWW) marked its 20th anniversary and its founders admitted there were bits of the phenomenon they do not like: advertising and "snooping". The creation of the web by British computer software genius Tim Berners-Lee and other scientists at the European particle physics...
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    YouTube blocks UK users from watching music videos

    Google said on Monday it will block UK users from watching music videos on its popular video-sharing site YouTube after negotiations with Britain's music royalty-collecting body broke down. Google said it would begin blocking British users starting on Monday night. The internet titan said it...
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    Greatest Ever Comedy Series

    Just wondering what sort of taste people have when it comes to comedy. Doesn't have to be in any particular order but here is mine: 1. Monty Pythons' Flying Circus 2. Fawlty Towers 3. The Office (UK) 4. Seinfield 5. Father Ted Some others that missed out: Missed out: Black Books, Extras...