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  1. danielsan

    Original BBC2 airings of S1 - S3?

    That's a really cool document. I know that BBC Knowledge over here used to have top gear on all the time, i have a couple of the episodes saved on the pvr, their showing as 75mins in length but i imagine if i was to cut out all the adds they'll just be the BBC World or Prime versions. Maybe...
  2. danielsan

    Original BBC2 airings of S1 - S3?

    I was under the impression that the SBS episodes were the full thing. Guess not. Anyway i think this is what you were looking for? The Jabba release is only 46mins in length and heaven forbid i can't watch the whole thing (quality is s***) to see whats been cut but it has "boston more than a...
  3. danielsan

    Original BBC2 airings of S1 - S3?

    There are 2 lots of the season 1 - 3 SBS files "out there". The ones most people downloaded were the .avi files approx 350mb per episode but there are also .mpeg files approx 2gb per episode.
  4. danielsan

    [03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

    great episode. hope they make next season like this.
  5. danielsan

    Cancer Sucks

    RIP Alex, thanks for everything.
  6. danielsan

    [03x08] March 1, 2019 - International Buffoons' Vacation

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, hope theres more like this to come.
  7. danielsan

    [03x03] - January 26, 2019 - Colombia Special Part 2

    Better than part 1 but still pretty meh.
  8. danielsan

    [03x02] - January 25, 2019 - Colombia Special Part 1

    The only thing this episode it worth of it being cringe worthy.
  9. danielsan

    [03x01] - January 18, 2019 - Motown Funk

    I enjoyed it. Will probably watch again later this weekend.
  10. danielsan

    Top Gear - African Adventure (Blu-Ray/DVD) June 10th

    i can understand removing the music due to licence fees, but why replace it with generic crap that doesn't fit in? Just have no music imo.
  11. danielsan

    [03x14] March 19th, 2013

    8/10 - a solid episode only 2 dissapointments: 1) The clich?s really aren't needed, please stop trying to script them in before you turn this show into a clown show. 2) Having a Lexus or Infinity in the lineup would have been nice rather than 2 american SUV's. I'm surprised the caddy did so...
  12. danielsan

    [22x05] March 11th, 2013

    8/10 Johnny's drifting segment was meh.,, but otherwise another top notch episode. Not to mention safety, in an accident that key would be embedded in your knee
  13. danielsan

    [03x13] March 12th, 2013

    5/10. Quite dull and obvious scripting. I think this episode would have been much better if they had each made their own car.
  14. danielsan

    [19x07] March 10th, 2013 [Africa Special, Part 2]

    8/10 I've watched part 1 three times this past week, I was hoping part 2 would equal it for quality but it just just fell short. The scripted sillys were starting to shine thru. I'm hoping the dvd extras can make up for it. Overall i think they should just stick to making specials. Looks...
  15. danielsan

    [19x06] March 3rd, 2013 [Africa Special, Part 1]

    also at 55:49 - look at the subaru's front bumper..... it's hanging off.
  16. danielsan

    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    4/10 - A new episode of Top Gear is just like a new Porche 911 ....... exactly the same as the ones before it.
  17. danielsan

    [17x01] June 3rd, 2010

    7/10 - It was such a huge relief to not see that jackass tim shaw on there. I think they could have easily made it a 45min episode without making it boring, ie the segments were too short. Example i know all the specs on the 3 hatches Tiff and Vikki were squealing about in, but what about the...
  18. danielsan

    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    The rav4 has 200 killerwasps??? Seriously thoe i think this could work quite well, give them time to develop a little and PLEASE put some smiling audience members behind them!!!! I swear all them looked grumpy or bored.