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  1. matskulainen

    All the controversy in one article All the "hot water" moments compiled.
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    James May: JM in Brooklands this Sunday

    Don't know if this has been posted. If yes, please delete ;)
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    Top Gear Chuck Norris jokes/facts

    I don't know if this will work or not but decided to give it a go. The idea is to write simple jokes or facts related to TG with the same manner as the Chuck Norris facts (check to understand what I mean). I'll start with an example: "Ron Jeremy retired because...
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    Car Show in Gdansk, Poland

    There's currently a car show in the city of Gdansk. I just accidently saw it and took a couple of pictures (some are below). The below pictures include at least a Viper GTS, a "Rogaty", and a Chrysler CM6 from 1931. Pics taken with cellphone :P edit: If you want more pictures of...
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    Top Gear in Poland?

    Is Top Gear broadcast in Poland at the moment? Wikipedia says it is now on BBC Knowledge but the channel itself was canceled in 2002!
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    Which TG episode was it?

    Which TG episode was it, where at some point a guy in the audience says something about Le Mans and Clarkson corrects the pronounciation :D ?
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    My Morgan 4/4 (Sport)

    I finally decided to post my brand-new Morgan! Got it after some not so simple events and phone calls but it has now found it's space in my garage. Haven't driven at all with it yet as the winter in Finland hasn't been optimal in my region (mahdolliset turkulaiset kyll? ymm?rt?v?t [ja vain...
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    What episode was this?

    I remember an episode where the trio each got a car and had challenges. It included the Stig relaxing in a holiday resort and a cock-o-meter. What episode was that?
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    Which book to buy?

    I am going to buy The Big Book of "Top Gear" 2009 tomorrow, but I would also like to buy another TG-related book at the same time. I just don't know which book to buy, so I am asking for your opinion on which of the following books I should get: 1. (Richard Hammond) On The Edge: My Story 2...