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  1. Shawnw

    Ownership Verified: Jake's Continued Descent into American Consumerism: 2015 Ford Edge SEL

    The lack of parts would be the only thing stopping the car from getting fixed here. We fix damage like this or worse at my work every day. And I don't know how your insurance companies work, but mine takes the stance that repairs (major or not) have no impact on resale as the vehicle is "good...
  2. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Got the car bumped into by an old guy parallel parking his Forester behind me today, he didn't even realize he did it. It left a small scuff and just the slightest ridge from where the foam sits under the cover. I've got his information but not sure how to proceed. 1- Polish off the scuff and...
  3. Shawnw

    Long live plasti dip!

    I'll have to pick some up next time I cross the border, I refuse to pay the $20+/can here.
  4. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I've always found it strange that they sold tarted up Civics here and not in the US. Canada has typically been known as a land of automotive cheapskates (at least compared to the states), we buy base model compacts and badge engineered GMs, we even bought a decent amount of Ladas and Skodas...
  5. Shawnw

    The bathing thread!

    Shower every morning. I don't feel quite right unless I've showered. And depending on how dirty I get at work or how hot the sweatbox of an apartment is, I might shower again in the evening.
  6. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    As a Richmond resident, I also feel your pain. But if it wasn't for young, wealthy Chinese immigrants crashing their cars, I'd be out of my slightly above minimum wage job.
  7. Shawnw

    How not to build a shed

    While I'm looking forward to pictures of it falling down, I have to point out that I live 20 minutes from the area and we got about an inch of snow this winter and it was gone in a day.
  8. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts....

    Getting tired of my current workplace. I was supposed to get a raise and signed onto an official apprenticeship after three months, approaching 7 months now without either and not without a lack of effort on my part. I am strongly considering finding a camp job in either forestry or the oil...
  9. Shawnw

    Japanadian is looking for a car (again) Pros: Cheap, good mileage, great in the snow with winter tires. Can comfortably fit people 6'5". Reliable, tough little engine, very lightweight. Cons: Looks like a clown car, 12" tires are starting to get harder to find, and will crumple...
  10. Shawnw

    JipJopJones' Jeep

    Do your research, I've heard that similar chemical air driers when used in vehicle interiors can cause issues with paint and metals inside the car. Can't remember where I heard it but just thought I'd mention it. I'd try giving it a good vacuum, then putting a small space heater inside on low...
  11. Shawnw

    Japanadian is looking for a car (again)

    $4300 still won't quite get you to a "good" used car. I'd suggest spending a max of $1500 and picking up a ugly, reliable beater. Whether its a Taurus, a civic, a 323 or something else it's going to be a smarter choice than maxing out your budget on something newer only to be screwed once the...
  12. Shawnw

    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    Had horse meat for the first time tonight. My god it was tasty.
  13. Shawnw

    The car cleaning thread

    There's not too many shops that are paint only, so look for a Bodyshop or collision repair shop. Ask to see an example of a completed or almost finished job and you should get a good sense of the quality of work. Look for runs, dust nibs, striping and overall smoothness of the paint. Look for...
  14. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts....

    When I got laser surgery on my eyes I could see as they froze me and put on the little device that cuts a flap to laser underneath. After they made the cut I could still somewhat see until they flipped open the flap and all I could see was light.
  15. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I saw the ad and briefly flirted with the idea myself, but then I remembered that I'd rather buy a DS, 2CV, Ami, Dyane, H-van, GS, CX, Alpine, 404, 505, Dauphine, Estafette, Avantime, R5 Turbo or a number of other cars as my first French car.
  16. Shawnw

    Building A Dream v2.0

    I've had two 70s Lincoln's with the 460 and always felt they drove like diesels, all the power down low, very low revving. I guess the modern cummins would be a nicer choice as its so much smoother and quieter, but I like the idea of how you can tune the 12 valve to 500hp, 1000ft-lbs pretty easily.
  17. Shawnw

    Building A Dream v2.0

    1979 Lincoln Town Car About 500lbs of additional sound deadning. Either a Citroen-like hydraulic suspension or just a air-ride setup. Modern but low key stereo/nav/controls. And a 12 valve, 5.9l cummins turbo diesel, tastefully modified.
  18. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Had the transmission flushed today. I knew I was overdue but its amazing how much nicer it drives now.
  19. Shawnw

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I have a strange desire for a early/mid 90s Tomota Camry wagon.
  20. Shawnw

    I drive a BLANK, so I must be a BLANK

    I drive a Hyundai so I must be poor.