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  1. chaos386

    Is it possible to safely turn off a computer by cutting the power?

    So here's the desired functionality: a desktop computer, plugged into a power strip, where you can safely turn off the computer by switching off the whole power strip. The reason I'm looking into this, is because I just set up a cheap nettop computer running Xubuntu for my GF's grandfather. He...
  2. chaos386

    Best compact with a viewfinder?

    My mom's been making do with her PowerShot A530 for far too long, and I'd like to get her something really nice as a replacement. Her only requirements are that it must be small enough to fit in her purse (so even mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are out, on account of their zoom lenses...
  3. chaos386

    The General Accessories Thread

    So we've got threads for wallpapers, apps, and the major smartphone/tablet platforms, but how about one for accessories? Chargers, cases, BT headsets, etc. To get the ball rolling, I'm looking for a new universal car mount for my Galaxy Nexus, since the one I bought last year for $7 broke. Any...
  4. chaos386

    VIDEO: New Zealand SPCA has trained three dogs how to drive

    Video is at the link, text is below.
  5. chaos386

    Car Dealers Sue Tesla, Citing State Franchise Laws

    TL;DR: The Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association is suing Tesla Motors for selling cars directly, as opposed to through a dealer network.
  6. chaos386

    Model Years vs. Manufactured Date vs. Mk#

    I think most people in the Automotive News section have noticed America's unique dating system for cars, where a vehicle built and sold in, say, 2003 is labeled as a 2004 model. This has lead to many Americans referring to such a car as a "MY2004 Civic" (model year 2004) or what have you...
  7. chaos386

    Lit C-1: An electric, "untippable", enclosed motorcycle

    The idea is to cut emissions by having people drive something with a much lower frontal area, while maintaining the benefits of a car's enclosed cabin. Full article and a demonstration video at the link...
  8. chaos386

    The Grocery Store Checkout Thread

    Because holy crap we've got a lot of pent-up opinions on and tales of scanning and bagging items. :P I didn't like self checkout lines before, because the only ones I had used were the ones at Safeway (which are horrible and always require a cashier to help you), but I've recently started going...
  9. chaos386

    Looking for a used pickup as a daily-driver

    So, since I'll be moving to Pennsylvania in a couple months, I've gotta look into a new vehicle. I foresee quite a bit of moving my stuff around in the first couple years, so I figure a compact pickup truck would be a good balance of hauling ability, fuel economy, and ease of parking. So here...
  10. chaos386

    Attn Germans: Looking for stuff to do in/around Leipzig!

    So I'm going to be in Germany for a couple weeks in the beginning of September (culminating in the MiniRingmeet on the 11th and 12th), starting off in Magdeburg, driving down south to Suhl, up north to Berlin and Hamburg, and then southwest to the Netherlands and the N?rburgring. One of the...
  11. chaos386

    Username Fonts

  12. chaos386

    Recording Industry wants royalties for 30-second song previews

    Now, I try to buy music instead of pirating it, if I can, but this is really making me reconsider that decision: I especially like this little gem: I guess he sold 22% of a song that month. :P
  13. chaos386

    What do Cars Have that Bikes Don't?

    It started off in the Automotive section's "Random Thoughts" thread, but it's grown enough now to deserve a thread of its own. Here's the essential question: What feature or quality separates cars from bikes? In other words, is there a feature that most cars have that no motorcycle or scooter...
  14. chaos386

    What to get for my 2nd lens?

    So I'm looking to get another lens for my 500D/T1i that will complement the 18-55 kit lens it came with, but I'm not sure which one to get. My budget is $400-600, and I've been looking at the following Canon lenses so far: 50/1.4 - it'd be nice to have a lens with a wide aperture, since I miss...
  15. chaos386

    UNIX And Beards

    Is the stereotype that all UNIX users have beards true? I'm feeling a bit silly, so time to find out! Software side: for the purpose of the poll, I'm collecting Linux, BSD, the commercial Unices and OS X all under the Unix umbrella. It can be either command line only or a full desktop OS, but...
  16. chaos386

    2009 Seat Leon FR

    Well, the wait is finally over, and this morning I picked up my new baby, a red Seat Leon FR: At the dealer: At home: She's got the 200 hp 2.0L TFSI engine and the 6 speed manual. Only 100 kms on the clock so far (only 50 of which are mine), so I haven't had much time to spend with her...
  17. chaos386

    The Math Pun Thread

    We started doing a couple math jokes in the Funny Picture Thread, but I decided it would be better to start a new thread here instead of taking that one on a tangent. Post back with a math-related pun in your reply! :D
  18. chaos386

    Recursion Thread!

    Original English Text: I want to cock your mother like a jackhammer Translated to Japanese: ??????????????????? ???? Translated back to English: I think that we would like to set the mother like the stock rotary rock machine Translated to Chinese: ??????????????????? ??? Translated back to...
  19. chaos386

    So I Just Found Out My Mom Has a Film SLR...

    Earlier today, I was talking with my mother about how I was considering buying a DSLR, and she mentioned how much she liked her old Minolta. At first, I thought she was talking about her old film point 'n' shoot, since that was the only camera I remember from our vacations (and various...
  20. chaos386

    Starting my SLR Journey Cheap...

    For the past couple of years, I've been throwing around the idea of buying an SLR and getting back into hobbyist photography, but each time I'd price things out, it was always so expensive. The "latest and greatest" entry level SLR bodies + kit lenses are in the $700-800 range, and once I had...