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    Anthony Bourdain as the American Clarkson

    Well, sure, he probably doesn't know as much about cars, and he probably isn't as "mainstream" as NBC would like, but I was watching the Travel Channel (which is about as exotic and cultural as American TV gets), and it occurred to me... he has a similar sense of wit, humor, mannerisms, and...
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    Flying fish wasabi? Motorized pepper grinder? Motor from a food blender?
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    How long will Jeremy last?

    His back? His smoking? Well, Peter Jennings has been seriously killed to death... sort of.
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    Cut out reviews from a TG episode?

    Say I wanted just the CTS-V review, so that I can host the 10 minute segment on the web. What program should I use? I did a search and came across VirtualDub, but I'm having trouble using it. The audio doesn't match the video, and I can't save it properly... it turns out to be 30 gigs. :-/ Any...
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    Can I listen to Top Gear with my iPod shuffle?

    Is there a way to convert the sound of AVI movies into an mp3 file?
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    Dodge Charger press release video and more (DCX)

    Even though I generally don't like DCX products, this got me enthused about their products. Great, hillarious marketing... I suggest skipping to 4:18 and watching from there onward, unless you don't mind a bunch...
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    Where can I download music?

    While we're on the subject of What's That Song, what's the best way to download music? I've been using the Kazaa Lite I downloaded years ago, and it's awfully slow. Not to mention I hear it isn't the safest... Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    US Election - State IQ
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    1999 TG M5 review by Tiff -- intro music?

    What's that song they play in the beginning of the review, when Tiff drives down the empty airfield in the rain. It's ghostly and a bit haunting... it's also the introduction music of Romeo + Juliet. Thanks in advance, Michael