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  1. Hartkor

    Ownership Verified: My 2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

    Speaking from experience, as I have now owned an Alfa 156 for many years, you should simply ignore it and it will start working again within two weeks. At least that's how it was for me. Or try standing next to your car and hold the unlock button for ~10sec. then release it and try...
  2. Hartkor

    Ownership Verified: I've Gone Full Madman: Alfa Romeo 156

    Really nice car and those wheels are in my opinion the best choice for the 156, they suit the car great. When you get the timing belt changed have the mechanic take a look at the connecting rod bearings as they are prone to fail after 150000km (google tells that's about 93000 miles)... so maybe...
  3. Hartkor

    Big Test for Jaguar Land Rover Under Indian Owners

    I am happy to see JLR doing well and would love a XF in the future. But quoting the article: "It will make low-emission, 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines - a sharp contrast from the giant 2.2 liter powerhouse that gives the Jaguar XF luxury saloon its growl. " I almost fell off my chair...
  4. Hartkor

    Samsung Galaxy S3 remote data-wipe vulnerability

    I`ll just leave this here:
  5. Hartkor

    Ownership Verified: My Italian soft-top, rarer than a 599 GTO.

    There even is an Italian song dedicated to this automotive marvel: Disclaimer: video might cause an epilepsy attack
  6. Hartkor

    My 1989 Mercedes 560 SEC

    That gear-knob looks somehow wrong? Is it an aftermarket one? Otherwise I tip my hat to you good sir for preserving such a nice car. And it looks much nicer without the speakers
  7. Hartkor

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Charlie Sheen is doing well I see.
  8. Hartkor

    New M car in the garage...

    Your car is just gorgeous. I hope I will be able to buy one myself someday. Still the best M5 ever.
  9. Hartkor

    FinalGear, show a heart - rig a vote for a friend's little cousin ;)

    Voted. Beating that ugly tent by 40 votes.
  10. Hartkor

    Ownership Verified: 244 inches of America (2011 Ford F-150)

    Oh, this looks like so much fun! Great pick-up as well. Really like the way it looks
  11. Hartkor

    Question about various fluids

    Well, autodata states 5W/40 semi-synthetic oil for your car and all climates. Usually turbocharged cars have a lower low viscosity to protect the turbo on cold starts. Here`s a print screen:
  12. Hartkor

    Roundabout from hell in Germany - including spikes for bikers

    Well MacGuffin, yours sure does look "nice" and made me laugh but it seems there might have been a slight misunderstanding. I didn`t mean it as in the shape of a bottom but as in it`s just big, considering it`s in the middle of a roundabout. But here is a pic. Now I realized it even has ramps...
  13. Hartkor

    Roundabout from hell in Germany - including spikes for bikers

    This google maps stuff is amazing. Going round the roundabout you posted in the link you can observe at least three seasons: spring, summer and winter. Oh yeah and I like the roundabout. Nothing wrong with more adrenaline rushing through your blood on the icy morning commute. Well where I live...
  14. Hartkor

    Ownership Verified: My E90 320D M Sport

    Very good looking beemer. It wasn`t too shabby to start with but now it looks awesome. Can`t wait for the pics with the black kidneys and the other stuff mounted.
  15. Hartkor


    I like the fact that the "aerodynamics system" uses a front hafl spoiler. Must give it at least 50 additional hp.
  16. Hartkor

    James May: May's Lexus

    That`s a Nissan 300ZX. Hamster drove one to France in the RWD is best challenge, and then "somehow" lost his t-top in the alps
  17. Hartkor

    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    It sure is a rare sight the renault 18. But the number plate suggest that where he comes from the roads aren`t salted that much and the pic was taken in Koper, a city by the sea that very ralrely sees any snow or winter conditions. Maybe that`s the reason. Or some magical rust-repellent spell...
  18. Hartkor

    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    Well I usually don`t take pics of stupidly parked cars because I see too many of them on a regular basis. But I have never seen something like this: the funny thing is that is has been parked like this for two days now.
  19. Hartkor

    Car number 2. VW Bora.

    How do you even manage to drive around in car this low? Are you not afraid of losing your oil pan somewhere. Respect for driving so low.