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  1. KryptonZone

    Le Mans 2013 - The Ultimate Endurance Race

    Toyota released their "Truth in 24" style video review of this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 6min short film is called "The Ultimate Endurance Race". Enjoy! Source: Toyota Europe
  2. KryptonZone

    Toyota flashmob in Geneva

    Snapped this while leaving Geneva Motor Show last week Wednesday. Toyota girls take their heels off for a flashmob and some fun to end off first two long days. Enjoy! :cool:
  3. KryptonZone

    [19x05] February 24th, 2013

    8/10 I was going to say something clever, but read this and decided to give it a shot *hic* :? Range Rover bit was quite fun. Some part of the old people's car segment were relatively OK. Can't wait for the Christmas episode... in March-ish no less!
  4. KryptonZone

    Toyota recruiting official supporters for Le Mans 2013

    Toyota Racing is recruiting two candidates to join the team as official supporters at Le Mans this year. To enter the competition, you need to motivate either why you think hybrid tech is brilliant or why you think Toyota Racing is awesome. Looks like you need a Google+ account to enter. Check...
  5. KryptonZone

    [19x04] February 17th, 2013

    8/10 Looking at the bigger picture of the new Die Hard film... McClane's appearance on TG tonight was the best part of the franchise sequel. The "groan" when I realised Hamilton was back on again quickly vanished by that terrific lap. Rugga with C-apostrophe-d is a bit dodgy...
  6. KryptonZone

    [19x03] February 10th, 2013

    8/10 Good episode. Feels like heading back towards classic TG. GT86 review was great, especially the smile on Jezza's face, priceless. SIARPC: Dreamy, 'cept for the accent. Wonder how that'll fare across the pond! About time they did a tribute to Shelby, although race result was a bit annoying....
  7. KryptonZone

    [19x02] February 3rd, 2013

    8/10 pretty funny at some points, but the three cars didn't get enough of the spotlight for us to judge if they're good or not. Although, I'm fully with Jezza on the LFA. He's spot on (and I say this with personal experience) Edit: so happy they're finally done with Tron soundtrack and gone for...
  8. KryptonZone

    Toyota Yaris R1A rally

    Earlier this week, Toyota announced their return to rallying through Toyota Motorsport in Germany - formerly Toyota Team Europe. The new Toyota Yaris R1A will debut at the Rallye Deutschland later in August. Here's a short on-board clip of the new race car:
  9. KryptonZone

    Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2012

    Toyota set the new EV lap record at Pikes Peak after "Monster" Tajima's car caught fire. Here's their TMG EV P002 in the hands of Toyota Racing Le Mans driver Alex Wurz before the car was shipped out to Colorado:
  10. KryptonZone

    Toyota at 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Here's Toyota's official mini documentary from this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Enjoy!
  11. KryptonZone

    Jalopnik: From Barcelona To Budapest In A Toyota GT86

    Just watched this on Jalopnik. It's a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Quite long video review of the GT86, but it's a brilliant road movie as well. Well worth the 21 minutes!
  12. KryptonZone

    Toyota Hybrid Racing unveils new Le Mans race livery

    Check out the racing war paint of Toyota's new Le Mans contender. They've given it a distinct hybrid feel, using the hybrid blue from the highlights found inside the Toyota and Lexus logos on the company's hybrid cars. I thought Toyota always raced red at Le Mans, but only realised yesterday...
  13. KryptonZone

    Drifting in a Toyota GT86 (Vid)

    Thanks to a heck of a lot of luck, I was given a chance to be driven around a test track today in the Toyota GT86 sports coupe. Driver was a professional guy (Edit: Luke Kidsley) and we got real sideways. Have a look for yourself. Disclaimer: this vid was taken using a rubbish little hand-held...
  14. KryptonZone

    Unveiled: GAZOO Racing Toyota 86 going to N?rburgring 24 Hours

    ToMoCo (Toyota Motor Corp.) today unveiled their GAZOO Racing entry for this year's N?rburgring 24 Hours. Along with the news, they also announced the line up and some other motoring activities for 2012 (incl. Goodwood FoS coming up soon). Oh, and I was just told I get to have a go in one next...
  15. KryptonZone

    News: Jet fuel powered Hilux crosses Antarctic

    This means we can finally explore one of the least explored places in the world. Don't forget, a movie maker can now go to the deepest part of the ocean.
  16. KryptonZone

    News: Jet fuel powered Hilux crosses Antarctic

    I'm sure you all remember the heroic crossing of the Arctic by Clarkson and May in the Arctic Truck prepared Hilux. Well, they've gone for it again, but this time, in the Antarctic. One part of the expedition was to support the centenary ski race of the Amundsen-Scott race for the South Pole...
  17. KryptonZone

    News: First Toyota GT86 rolls off production line

    No probs for post! Glad you caught the girls too! Oops on the FR-S I feel quite ashamed :(
  18. KryptonZone

    News: First Toyota GT86 rolls off production line

    News from Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru mother company): The Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86 (also Scion FRS, and 86 in Japan) started production today. At the same time I caught these videos from ft86club forums talking about the design behind the model: