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  1. Goondu86

    2013 Japanese Grand Prix

    Seeing that no one started the race thread, here we go. :) Practice 1 is now over, onwards practice 2. Secretly hoping that Vettel encounters some mechanical malady and DNF to just spice up the championship a little.
  2. Goondu86

    No 56k: goondu86 goes to his home race at the Singapore GP

    Teaser pictures, first from 2011. One of the Lotus Renault (Caterham) overshoots the ever popular turn 18. Kind of lost track where the hell I kept the SD card of that year, so I only have this picture. :lol: - - - Updated - - - And for this year, my favourite picture that I've taken. Should...
  3. Goondu86

    The best ever crap car driver

    Thought it'll be interesting to have a thread on this, so what are your candidates? For me it has to be Fernando Alonso, he seems to drive shitty cars really fast. Case in point, the Renault R28 in early 2008, and the last 2 Ferraris. Really happy to have him drive for Ferrari, a lesser driver...