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  1. Burn

    What's Your Personal Top Speed?

    As a passenger: GPS 262km/h in a 1999 Opel Astra swapped to a 3.2 V6 Driving myself: Indicated 235-240km/h in my Mk4 Golf GTI (2.3 V5 20-Valve 170hp) Driving myself, without a roof ;) : Indicated 230 km/h in my BMW E46 320ci (2.2 170hp) Gesendet von meinem D6503 mit Tapatalk
  2. Burn

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    So there was a meet for historical vehicles in my hometown. Turns out there is a DeLorean club nearby ;)
  3. Burn

    Volkswagen is in trouble with just about everybody on the f'ing planet

    I thougt that Opel got their Diesel engines from FIAT, im sure they did so until a few years ago ^^
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    Beater car drivers, what's your breaking point?

    I usually got rid of my beaters once winter was over, sort of... Kep my W202 until late spring because I had my GTI away for two weeks then. And the Mk2 Golf was very hard to let go... Sat around for over a year I think until I finally sold it. And that was just because the buyer came up to me...
  5. Burn

    Clarkson's Farewell Column (TheSun)

    I'm not sure why you say it says defender when it says discovery really (which it was in the story JC talked about) ;P Apart from that - great read, thanks very much for sharing!
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Well, if Top Gear were to be over, I would be able to live with that. It's been a good and long run, an some day has to be over one way or another... But it really would be a shame if there was already filmed footage that they just scrap because of this. Especially since this was a really good...
  7. Burn

    [05x08] October 7th, 2014

    Really liked the ep. I believe Tanner was really annoyed about having a slower car than the other two. But in the end he got to use the racecar, so I think it was a great trip for all of them. But i noticed one thing: when they were doing the "beer keg slalom" they were still in Wolfsburg, I...
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    Some Mild examples compared to the ones above ;)
  9. Burn

    Did anyone else notice this???

    He did the same thing also with an Escort Cosworth vs. a Lotus Esprit and with a Nissan GTR vs a McLaren F1 ;)
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    Green on Black FTW :P Also I don't know of any colour that would be mismatched with Black^^
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    Krautsourcing: Help Dr_Grip find his piece of Detroit steel!

    Isn't any period-correct Engine okay - even if it wasn't available in that particular car? Also, modifying should be okay als long as it is period correct as well. I've often seen things like C Kadetts with 2.2 Engines and Webers on H Plates, or six cylinder Asconas etc. So either this is...
  12. Burn

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Just saw that - I have never seen one in Germany, and didn't expect that I would. Don't know, but I guess they're quite rare in ze Fatherland :)
  13. Burn

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    I think it's Awesome - but I guess many of you will think it's garbage - so I'll just put it here ;)
  14. Burn

    Spot Them Beater Cars

    Does this count? Burned out Ducato motor home I found right beside the E45 in Denmark...
  15. Burn

    [21x06] March 9th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 1]

    Was pretty good for the most part, really enjoyed it. Just that running gag of James' crane "accidentally" hooking up to the other trucks etc. was so bad I almost couldn't watch it...
  16. Burn

    [21x06] March 9th, 2014 [Burma Special, Part 1]

    If it's just a bit of stupidness and they really show how life for those truckers is, this could become a _great_ special...
  17. Burn

    [21x04] February 23rd, 2014

    That was just friggin great :D When Hammond went completely over the top with "how to build a wax clarkson", i knew it was damn silly but i laughed my ass off ^^ Also Caterham 620R: Dat Sound :motherofgod: :jawdrop:
  18. Burn

    BMW and Prius drivers are the worst...officially

    Sooo I've got a beat-up, low-value Mercedes Benz - how many points do I get for that? :D
  19. Burn

    BMW or Alpina

    I don't like the Style of the Alpinas: Their Spoilers, Stripes, Rims... So allthough I like the Idea of more comfort oriented yet fast cars - BMW wins for me :)
  20. Burn

    DD, Track, Burn

    DD: RS4 Drag ;) : RS2 Burn: RS6 Not so sure why I'd have the 4 over the 6, just is that way...