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  1. eddy1992

    BMW C.R.A.P - Canine Repellent Alloy Protection

    I saw in a copy of The Times to day a full page advertisement for BMW's new anti dog-wee technology, the dubiously named Canine Repellent Alloy Protection (Or crap for short). It is this years April Fools joke from BMW. I couldn't find a copy of the advert, but here's a story about it...
  2. eddy1992

    Audi R8 Spider

    This is the hottest machine I've ever seen :drool: The story is at
  3. eddy1992

    Top Gear Mag - April

    The April edition of the Top Gear Magazine has come out with a DVD - the Challenges. Dunno what's on it, but it looks cool though. EDIT: There's also a new bit for "Top Gear of the Pops"