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  1. RiCh

    Googles got a virus and spyware??

    I was just using Google right now, and did one search, when i went to do another it just gave me this message, Lol :lol: :lol:
  2. RiCh

    Covert SWF files into AVI

    Hey does anyone know of a program that can covert streamed .swf files into AVI or any other movie file format? Thanks
  3. RiCh

    Fan not working

    Hey the fan in my PC has stopped working, but i the computer loads up and does stuff fine. I will have to wait till monday till i can buy a new one, but is it still ok for me to use my computer? :?
  4. RiCh

    TV Capture Card...

    Hey can anyone help. I am looking to buy a TV capture card, so i can record programs from my TV on my computer (my PC or Laptop (preferably)). Is it possible to record from SKY onto your PC? Im in the UK so if anyone has any links i could check out it would be handy. (PC World or somin) Thanks
  5. RiCh

    Theory & Hazard Preception

    Hey im gonna be taking my lessons soon with BSM, just want to ask has any one took lessons with them and are they any good. Also does someone have or know any good CD Roms with Theory Test Questions, and Hazard Preception Videos. Thanks
  6. RiCh

    Speedup Firefox

    Here are some settings i found on the net that will help to speed up firefox :D Open Firefox, type ?About:config? (without the quotation marks) and you?ll see a long list of Firefox settings. Find these values and edit them to these new ones: network.dns.disableIPv6: true...
  7. RiCh

    Help Needed Again > Codec

    Hi can anyone please help me, i am looking for the QuickTime Codec. Could anyone tell me where i can download it from? Thanks :thumbsup:
  8. RiCh

    DirectX 9

    Hi can anyone tell me where i can get the latest FULL installer of DirectX 9. I have found one but it wants me to install over the internet, :cry: but i need it for another computer which does not have an internet connection. Thanks 8)