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    No 56k: A bunch of scions..

    i know this is an international forum so i will taunt the non-americans with some cars that you dont get! although the cars we dont get hurts even more.... please give tips. i am always learning and harsh words truly help. this is just a selection of my learning process...
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    is VUK going to release these episodes? ive waited for these episodes for my own collection and there hasnt been any news... any news?
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    different motorsports

    having only recently been exposed to BTCC, WRC, F1, and JGTC i want to know what you guys watch, the basic rules, and kinds of cars are in the races and if possible a clip or vid of the races :D also: what does le mans mean? and where can i find a vid of summaries of races?
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    recording hardware & software

    i bought a X600Pro with PCI-E and i found out that i dont have PCI-E....... having discovered that i know nothing about my motherboard, i want to ask all the people here that use thier computer to record TV: 1) What TV recording card you use and cost 2) What kind (AGP/PCI-E) 2) What software...
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    cool wall

    i might have missed something but what happened to the cool wall? i just noticed that today! was it lost in the transfer or something? or did it get abused?
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    TG Next Season

    i am quite surprised that no one has put up this thread yet, or at least i haven't found it. when is the new season starting? anyone have a rough date? Fifth Gear started already so does any one have an idea?
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    i recently came back from hong kong (props to everyone here that lives there) and all the taxis there have a corny sticker on the side with some chinese and LPG even though i am chinese i cant read the stickers at 65mph... anyone here from HK know what the stickers say? or does anyone know what...
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    2004 World Series

    Red Sox and Cardinals are in the the World Series this year who do you guys think will win? Game 1 (Oct. 23)Boston Red Sox: 9 Cardinals: 8 Game 2 (Oct. 24)Boston Red Sox: 6 Cardinals:2 Game 3 (Oct. 26)St. Louis Red Sox: 4 Cardinals:1 Game 4 (Oct. 27)St. Louis ive got my money on the...
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    audio extractor

    i got loads of comedy vids that i want to extract the audio from it so i can listen to it and that blah blah blah but i dont know what to use. i tried some from but they were infested with ad/spyware anyone got anything good?