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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    Hello, I could swear I have seen some kind of megathread for these "help me find a car" topics but my searches were futile. I need to change my car to more boring one. As sad as it is, I need worktool so that I can keep saving cash to buy that lovely Z4M for weekend toy some day. But this is...
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    Carlsson Aigner CK55 RS Rascasse

    Nice and discreet super-Suv by Carlsson. It's based in Mercedes GL. The Carlsson Aigner? CK55 RS Rascasse, based on the Mercedes-Benz GL 500, makes its world premiere at the Geneva Auto Salon. The Rascasse will be an exclusive limited edition of 20 cars. The 5,461cc, 48-valve, DOHC V8 motor...
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    Generally approved car models

    There are some car models the are industry wide approved. Why is that? How can a car be so good it's appreciated not only by people but other manufacturers as well. I'll throw in few examples. Lamborghini Murcielago. (and LP 640) Porsches are all the same, Ferraris have lost it in terms of...
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    News: Every word starting with a capital letter

    All the news in the main page are typed weirdly. For example: Tons Of News On What's To Come In Series 12 Why not just: Tons of news what's to come in series 12? Now it's difficult to read and it looks kinda rediculous or is this some kind of cultural thing I fail to notice?
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    Hammond in another car crash!

    Someone might he's not the most careful driver in the world :mrgreen:,,2001320029-2007420241,00.html
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    JC reviews EVO IX

    It's just hilarious. Especially the part not regarding the car :lol:,,12529-2544019,00.html
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    Clarkson on the new Jaguar XKR

    I didn't find a previous thread on this so here we go. He is an excellent writer I must say. This time I even had the patience to read the whole intro which I tend to skip sadly :),,12529-2424512,00.html
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    MY 2007 VW GTI to face some changes?

    My VW dealer told me that Golf GTI will be getting 240 HP 2.0TFSI engine. That would be pretty soon as some car models are already available as 2007-models. Subaru for example. Does anyone have any info about this, sounds pretty wild I reckon. It would seriously step on R32 toes... Although R36...
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    Car prints, car art, "hd-posters" - where to get e

    I'm moving to my new student box in couple of weeks and all I've got on my walls at the moment is white. If anyone reads EVO-magazine you know what I'm looking for. They have these great A2-size prints of their superb car shots available for UK-subscribers. They don't distribute internationally...
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    Mazda RX-8 versions - can you enjoy the basic 190 HP model?

    In here we got two options. The cheaper version has 190 HP. (141kW) and the so called "High Power" has 230 HP (170kW). I cannot remember which version featured in the Top Gear review, I assume it was the 230 HP one? I've driven the High Power RX-8 and loved it! Everything was so smooth and I...
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    Going to London. What gearhead should check out?

    I'm going to a five day trip to London in December and I had this crazy idea to ask you if there is anything worth seeing for a car lunatic. :) For example there was a sweeeeet Audi showroom in Stockholm where I was few years ago and there were S4, RS6. And that's something you can't really...
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    A trip to Koenigsegg factory Looks pretty neat.
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    .avi files cannot be deleted!

    Hi there. I've had this problem before and I had fixed it, but I was forced to format my discs and re-install the Windows XP Pro that I have. And now the problem is back. I've got some .avi and one .exe files that cannot be deleted because "the files is in use" by some program. I recall this...
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    Audi TT vs. Subaru WRX

    Cars cost like hell in here but because the law that controlled imported car taxing was altered, today it's pretty cheap to get a car from abroad. I want a fast and fun car and it has to be 4 wheel drive as winters in here are hell and 4WD keeps you on the road better. The winters here are also...
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    BMW 800-series. [ BMW goes sportscoupe. ]

    What I know about this beatiful car is that there are 840i V8 and 850i V12 versions available. The car was introduced in early 1990s and the production ended in 1997 or so. I think there was one facelift but I don't know when it occurred. or what it did. The 850i, or to be precise 850CSi has...
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    Fuel Consumption

    How do car companies measure their fuel consumption? For example Honda Civic Type-R does 32 mpg:s combined. Is that with A/C on? Is it the most economic outcome you can get or just an average consumption wich is fairly easy to achieve?
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    This site goes sloooooow pretty often

    I have been trying to send a PM message to hokiethang all day but it always gets jammed and after lots of waiting gives "Cannot find server" - error. Problem is I don't know if the message got delivered or not and he's gonna kick my ass if theres 20 same messages in his inbox. I've got the same...
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    Official Top Gear DVDs

    Top Gear is very popular TV show in Europe. How come there are no season boxes released or am I just unable to find any? It would be so nice to have whole season in one dvd box with nice artwork, high quality audio and video. Don't get me wrong, VUK's releases are excellent for PC's but with...