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  1. Lederlieber

    Vicky Butler Henderson anagram

    Because Finnish names don't usually have any voiced consonats (you know like b, g, etc.), I thought that the machine could have some difficulties and something interesting could come up. And so happened: 'Jar on a loo Satan.' :D EDIT: I added my middle name this time: 'To jail to an anal...
  2. Lederlieber

    Favorite movie cars

    What about Hannibal 8 and Leslie Special in "The Great Race"? Professor Fate's Hannibal 8 Leslie's Leslie Special I think it's a great and very funny movie. Great actors: Jack Lemmon as Prof. Fate and Tony Curtis as Leslie. :D
  3. Lederlieber

    Stoddart sells Minardi

    Yea... I couldn't imagine that someone could make so much money with an energy drink. IMO Dietrich Mateschitz is a very good chap, because he supports motorsports so much. He sponsores planes, boats, motorbikes, DTM, and now he has TWO F1 teams! Respect. :bow:
  4. Lederlieber

    Guess that car game

    I'd say Gordon Keeble, too... :D
  5. Lederlieber

    365 Dream Cars

    Duesenberg SSJ, I think... :D
  6. Lederlieber

    Guess that car game

    It really is an astonishing car... And according to an article in Classic Cars Magazine, it's one of the most expensive cars today (If you happen to get a chance to buy one. And that is, well, not very likely... :D ).
  7. Lederlieber

    2006 Jaguar XK

    I agree. :) A nice car, indeed.
  8. Lederlieber

    365 Dream Cars

    No way! :shock: I checked all my books and some very good web sites, but I didn't find it. One good site has lots of pics about hood ornaments, but the oldest Chrysler ornaments are from 1934. That thingy is two years too old! :D Great that you got that, it bothered me quite a lot.
  9. Lederlieber

    365 Dream Cars

    WTF is that hood ornament? :? The friday's car could be a Merc 300 something cabriolet...
  10. Lederlieber

    I Just Realised... Uni starting Monday

    I got into Helsinki University. I'll start studying German on monday the 29. One and a half weeks left, I'm going to switch my brain off and enjoy the freedom. :D
  11. Lederlieber

    Guess that car game

    Yes, mautzel got it. :) Next one, please.
  12. Lederlieber

    365 Dream Cars

    Damn, I'm good! :lol: This is a nice idea, Overheat. :thumbsup: It's interesting to see this thread when 365 days are gone... :D Keep this up, man! Nice to see which car you choose tomorrow.
  13. Lederlieber

    365 Dream Cars

    A Ferrari 412 or something like that. I'm not so good with Ferraris because I don't like them... :)
  14. Lederlieber

    How tall art thou?

    185 cm. Quite nice a height, IMO. If I was a bit taller (and had longer legs), I wouldn't fit into my MGB...
  15. Lederlieber

    As much as I like my Alero, I hate FWD.

    RWD is great fun in winter, I've driven my friend's BMW quite a lot. But as mmap said, FWD is nice and easy as an everyday car. I like both of them. 4WD would be the best, really... There's RWD and FWD, so something for everybody! :lol:
  16. Lederlieber

    Guess that car game

    Oh yes. So, here's the next one: :) Let's see if this is an easy one...
  17. Lederlieber

    Guess that car game

    It's a BMW 507 with an extra lamp.
  18. Lederlieber

    Name That Car Quiz

    Yea, same here. :cry:
  19. Lederlieber

    Would I be insane to buy an old Rover?

    You should get the Rover ST1 with that V8 engine. That car was in TG [04x08], and they kinda liked it... :D
  20. Lederlieber

    I guess I could get this one ;)...

    Well, I could drive that... :D