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    No 56k: A bunch of scions..

    the materia is also the gen2 bB in japan. the xB here is the corolla rumion in japan and maybe europe if toyota brought it over there.. the tC is the avensis chassis and the 4WD version is how we got the FWD tC to conform to formula drift rules..
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    A buddy's S2000...

    brilliant. gotta invest in one of these
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    No 56k: A bunch of scions..

    i know this is an international forum so i will taunt the non-americans with some cars that you dont get! although the cars we dont get hurts even more.... please give tips. i am always learning and harsh words truly help. this is just a selection of my learning process...
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    A buddy's S2000...

    i didnt realize the hotshoe flashes were so narrow... tips?
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    A buddy's S2000...

    whats the light source for the latter pictures? learning photographer here needs tips! :P
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    "All you need is the tiiiinyiest little gap..."

    he says it in the CL65AMG episode. the episode number is [04x07]
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    top gear ultimate driving tunes

    SWEET!!! awesome tommy! thanks much!!
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    I know i am new but this is something that always bothered

    i dont think that TG took the M3 off the board because they didnt want to insult BMW. i think that BMW told them to take it down. but i think that BMW should be ashamed that the 5xxd is faster than an M3. it just shows that the newly designed engine is as fast as an M3
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    Series 1-4 Fifth Gear episode guide

    can someone please torrent these? it would be nice to take a bit of a load off of tweeke and help everyone that cant log into ftp's to get these eps.
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    the rotary engine explained

    ahahahahhahahahahahaha... wankel.... :lol: im such a child... great article by the way. but i agree that i like the howstuffworks article. lots of pictures! 3.9 litres? strange but now i understand...
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    Does running out of fuel in a petrol car damage the engine?

    if i paid enough attention to auto class i might have a 100% correct explanation but i think that the only thing (bad) that will happen is that the oil from the sump will leak into the combustion chamber because there is a higher pressure under the piston as there is on top (just air). and when...
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    ::sneeze:: ::sniffle:: uh.. i dont get the influenza noises... and the wink...
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    any new news?
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    our contestant has won uh... well... you said my line... :lol:
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    awesome thanks for the update!
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    oh... um.. then, does he plan to release those? and if not, does anyone know how to down-size the larger 700MB files to 350MB files?
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    fifthgear episode 08x06 and 08x07

    is VUK going to release these episodes? ive waited for these episodes for my own collection and there hasnt been any news... any news?
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    Question for Lacie hard drive owners

    hard drives get hot. unless they get so hot that it hurts when you touch it for a long time then it should be alright. lacie and maxtor drives get hot easily based on my experience. the coolest running drives are probably samsung and western digital
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    Future Ferraris...

    Ferrari F Zero - Coventry School of Art & Design (UK) i liked that one. it goes along with the "look" that ferrari has now. radical changes will bring on hate like what happened with the Ferrari 612.
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    Guess that car game

    i suck at this game... i need to find harder cars... your turn labcoatguy!