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  1. pimpinteddy

    No sound on episode 2 season 12

    I have no idea why this is happening but i have no sound on just this one episode ... i have uninstalled and reinstalled the codecs and still nothing. i did find out though that when i left my comp without codecs all the other episodes can play the sound and this file doesnt play at all. i tryed...
  2. pimpinteddy

    Tire Pressure

    When i look at the manual for a car it tells me a range of pressures i could put on the car like 28-33 psi. but which would be more econamical being closer to the 28 or the 33?
  3. pimpinteddy


    How do I powerslide the car if i have an automatic and cant build up the revs with the clutch that would lead to wheel spin.:?
  4. pimpinteddy

    Stupid BT Question [moved]

    Im New. how do i get the torrent file that i have downloaded to run?