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  1. neworderrr

    The official start time on Friday.

    Also saw it posted early to download or stream on the Amazon Video app on my Nexus 7. Maybe the folks in the server rooms decided to post it early so they could go home for Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. neworderrr

    James May: The Reassembler

    Did Genesis ever do any unexpected guitar solos?
  3. neworderrr

    Petition: Make Amazon's Top Gear successor available for streaming worldwide

    Late for this thread, but I noticed that a few shows that are exclusive to online services (Transparent and Bosch from Amazon Prime, House of Cards from Netflix) have come out be available for episodic purchase almost a year after they premiered on their online services. The US version of Mad...
  4. neworderrr

    [Rumor] It's on ITV??

    I am utterly convinced that all TG / CHM news from the last month has come from journalists reading FG posts, then making up a lot of BS. And I almost had an embolism when I read...
  5. neworderrr

    [05x01] June 3rd, 2014

    Comments about episode 5x01 (spoilers!) -I'm tired of seeing grey 67' and 68' 'Eleanor' replicas in grey. The only 'Eleanor' I acknowledge is the yellow Mach 1 from the original Gone in 60 Seconds. -Those rear speaker grilles in Tanner's car are kinda cool though. -What's up with the center...
  6. neworderrr

    [05x01] June 3rd, 2014

    The above post from TGNA both confuses and intrigues the hell out of me. I'm off to go watch the episode now.
  7. neworderrr

    Should we ditch our custom filename format in favor of the Scene's?

    So Plex doesn't need each season sorted by individual folders? (oops, sorry, re-read and saw folder names) And were you able to get America and Australia to recognize?
  8. neworderrr

    Should we ditch our custom filename format in favor of the Scene's?

    I tried using both Plex and XBMC with the original names, and I think it was America that didn't recognize. I found a few forum posts around that tried to explain the proper way to rename the shows to work with TVDB and Plex, but never got all of mine to work, including using separate folders...
  9. neworderrr

    Should we ditch our custom filename format in favor of the Scene's?

    I generally prefer s01e01 'scene' style names for my files. After ripping a bunch of TV shows to my hard drive, and trying many different naming schemes, I went through and renamed everything. from this: TV Shows/Top Gear UK/Top Gear - [20x01] - 2013.06.30 [720p x264 by FoV].mkv TV Shows/Top...
  10. neworderrr

    [20x06] August 4th, 2013

    I just remembered where I saw the 'fan' footage from the 'Best of British' ending segment. (DOH!) Here's some videos for those who want to see more of the cars. TOP GEAR 'Best of British' - McLaren P1, One-77, F1 Cars, F-Types Taxis, Minis...! (Nice, quiet, daylight walkthrough of many of the...
  11. neworderrr

    [20x06] August 4th, 2013

    The Jag and Range Rover segments were good, but very 'typical' of what the guys have done before. I always wondered why there were those styling 'blisters' on the bottom of the doors on the Rover Sports, and thought at least they are on the door instead of on the sill, making your legs filthy...
  12. neworderrr

    [20x06] August 4th, 2013

    Seemed like a good episode, all three with solid independent segments until the UK car gathering, though they didn't really get together much for that either. One odd thing that stuck out for me was the person laughing 'yuk yuk' when Jeremy drew the face on his thumb.
  13. neworderrr

    [20x05] July 28th, 2013

    Had a good laugh. Hope to see Liv and / or the Venom next year if TG goes to the US.
  14. neworderrr

    top gear not on now because of tennis?

    Thanks, just started 2 minutes ago.
  15. neworderrr

    top gear not on now because of tennis?

    I think so, getting the same thing here in the BBC web player.
  16. neworderrr

    [20x01] June 30th, 2013

    Agreed. I did chuckle a few times as well, and had a big smile on my face for most of it. Some of that was from first episode of the season happiness. The race was a bit different with the location and choice of transportation. As an American I would have been interested in seeing the MK 7 Golf...
  17. neworderrr

    Best races of watch of 2012 (spoiler-free)

    I have only watched up to the Canadian GP (round 7?) of the 2012 season before moving to a small apartment under a rock where I have managed to block out all news of the championship since then. I've got remaining races saved (Sky, BBC and Speed) but would like to skip any that are kinda...
  18. neworderrr

    If you mean 'Wheeler Dealers', the UK show where the two guys buy a used car and then fix it up...

    If you mean 'Wheeler Dealers', the UK show where the two guys buy a used car and then fix it up to sell for a profit, Check the FTP threads, I know someone has the seasons.
  19. neworderrr

    Top Gear America Returns July 24th

    Damn, ninja'd me. Glucker apparently left out some things in the article, to save on spoilers. There are some nuggets in the article, so I'd call it a minor spoiler alert. I'm still waiting for the guys to guest host on a UStream'ed AB podcast.
  20. neworderrr

    New Stig colour

    The BBC just put that Stig Farm 'Reveal' video up on their youtube channel if you want to link that to others. And to me, he (it?) could be silver, since that part of the video is in 'black & white'.