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  1. Tompie913

    Top Gear once limited to BBC employees?

    I realize that this is pretty thin and not really credible, but I've never heard of this, so I wanted to know if it's true. I noticed this in a Youtube comment from "JohnnyKanuk" (In this video if you're curious) So he claims that he had a friend in the BBC who said that the Top Gear audience...
  2. Tompie913

    Paolo Nutini's Candy is Country & Western!

    I was listening to BBC Radio 1 on XM and heard this. Evidently, it's quite popular in the UK, which I think is hilarious because it's just a country song. Just compare it to this. In fact, Nutini's song fits at least my conception of country better than anything I could find. The lyrics, the...
  3. Tompie913

    1001 Things that could be powered by a V8 engine

    What can you think of that can be powered by a V8. A good thing to say as a general rule is that anything that can be operated by a handcrank can also be operated by a V8, though certainly there are other things that can be V8 powered. Obviously blender and rocking chair have been done. These...
  4. Tompie913

    Repeating Carbon Fiber

    I've been looking for a carbon fiber image that repeats when tiled, but was unable to find one. So I made one. Doesn't seem like it'd be particularly useful, but you never know when it might be, like on webpages.
  5. Tompie913

    Clarkson: Clarkson: Fiat 500 more fun than Zonda He's starting to sound like Tiff Needell
  6. Tompie913

    Cut scenes from Vietnam special

    In the intro to the series collage in 12x01, they had two scenes, apparently from the Vietnam episode, which were cut. One is Jeremy walking across a Vietnamese road with his hands as "blinkers" and more interestingly, one with the Stig's communist cousin, neither of which I noticed in the...
  7. Tompie913

    Baffling continuity error in Vietnam Special

    In the driving test, Jeremy uses James' Honda. When he gets off, he drops it and smashes the statue. But while he's taking the test, the statue isn't on the bike, as clearly seen at 47:08, just a few seconds before he drops it.
  8. Tompie913

    Stars to Get into Reasonably Priced Cars

    What stars do we need to get into the reasonably priced car? I'll start us off with Sean Connery George Clooney Daniel Craig Tim Curry Clive Owen Paul McCartney Pierce Brosnan Ringo Starr Tony Blair
  9. Tompie913

    Make anyone the Stig thread

    Photoshop anyone's head, like famous people or yourself, onto the Stig's body. Here's the base: And some I made:
  10. Tompie913

    May flirting

    What episode was this from? I can't remember it, I've only seen it in the awards from 12x07
  11. Tompie913

    US Channels playing Top Gear

    What American channels play Top Gear? BBC America has 6-season-old episodes (which are slightly cropped to accommodate commercials), so are there any other channels playing it? Of course BBC's only US stations are BBC America and Discovery & its sisters, which used to run a modified Top Gear...