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  1. Svempa

    What's that italian song?

    Been searching all over for an italian song I heard on the radio the other day. Quite famous one as I've heard it a couple of times and I do not even live in Italy. It's a male singer. Pop-rockish. One line sounds something like "Laura con mei" or "Laura con sei" Something like that. Do any of...
  2. Svempa

    Your all time favourite rally car

    So it's all boiling down to this. The winners from our polls doing the one thing they never got to do in real life - going head to head :) And since there is an Audi Quattro featured, even the guy who in the Group 4 poll said he's "not motherfucking voting for any motherfucking else than a...
  3. Svempa

    What is your favourite WRC rally car

    We're almost there. This is the last "normal" vore before we can set about to vote on our all time favourite rally car. So which is your favourite WRC car. Please note that all evolutions of one car e.g all Imprezas will be represented in one voting option even if a specific model is shown in...
  4. Svempa

    Can you spot the automotive error in this movieposter?

    Well can you?
  5. Svempa

    Your favourite Group 4 car

    Time to go back further in time. :) The thought here is also to take the two highest placed cars from all our favourite-rally-car polls and create the "ultimate" poll to find out which is our all time favourite rally car. Fiat 131 Mirafiori Abarth Opel Ascona 400 Opel Kadett GT/E Ford...
  6. Svempa

    FIAT Panda 100HP

    Anyone else but me who really likes the new sporting Panda? The 100HP. Good to see a manufacturer who still can build a proper GTI. One that doens't need 220 bhp to be fun to drive. Looks great too! Prices start at ?9995 which is superb. EVO also loved it and claimed it was the best small...
  7. Svempa

    My Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v

    I bought the car in October 2005. It is the 3rd evolution of Lancias winning rallycar (the first 2 being the HF4WD and the Integrale 8v followed by the Integrale 16v and then the Evoluzione). It still today is the most successful rallycar ever with 6 manufacturer and 4 drivertitles. The car has...
  8. Svempa

    Your favourite Group A rallycar (Let's try it again)

    Last time I did this I forgot a whole bunch of cars so here we go again. Also note that all versions of a car are represented under one name. E.g. The pic of the Celica represents all Celica models run in Group A not just the specific one in the picture. Ford Sierra Cosworth Ford Escort...
  9. Svempa

    Some pics from our recent Lancia Delta Trackday

    A couple of weeks ago the biggest Lancia Delta meeting in Sweden so far took place. It was a special trackday which you can do for little money. The track is run buy Swedish carmagazine "Bilsport" so we're even gonna get an article in the mag. My 15 minutes of fame :D This...
  10. Svempa

    Your favourite Group A rallycar

    Since the other guy doesn't seem to get around putting up the poll I#m taking matters into my own hands. Ford Sierra Cosworth Ford Escort Cosworth Lancia Delta Integrale Toyota Celica GT4 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I - VI Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTi-R
  11. Svempa

    Got myself a new car...

    Sold off my old Pug and replaced it with this: I'm so happy :D
  12. Svempa

    The brutal norwegian WRC Escort Cossie...

    ...has been destroyed sadly. The owner was out doing som trackdriving for the upcoming Gatebil in Norway, lost control of the car and flew of the track. Driver/owner Stian Hafsengen and his mate are ok fortuantely. But the car will need a total rebuild and a new shell. Video of the crash...