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    What car did you learn to drive in?

    Hillman Imp Rear engined Rear wheel drive Just like a 911:lol:

    [09x05] February 25th, 2007

    Couldn't agree more Drewzor. Also Im so fed with the Celebrities of the world trying to be leaders in being Green.It is the most hypocritical thing.Ok they drive a hybrid but use so many limos upteen times day and when the fly they do so in private aircraft.So they use hell of a lot more fuel...

    The plane in this weeks episode?

    Just on the Subject of the bond plane and to bore to you all. Old airliners such as the Boeing 747 Classics.Boeing 737 200's etc.Are worth more for parts than as a whole aircraft.Due to the fact they use so much fuel and that is hitting the aviation industry just as hard as the rest of us.Many...

    Riot truck from Top Gear sold for $25K

    Quote from the website "Here we have a truly one off chance to bid on the remarkable talon army riot van costing in excess of half million pounds when built reputed to have been built in 1992. This particular talon was only used in army demonstration days ? in it,s later years has been used as a...

    What you would like to see on TG

    Second the 4x4 cheap challenge

    [09x04] February 18th, 2007

    Good point Gonoc forgot that.So I guess TGD isnt back :mad:

    [09x04] February 18th, 2007

    Great Episode to bad the Reliant didnt according to plan. Motocycle on the cool wall very very funny Glad TPD is back.

    If you could import any car....

    Well being in Canada we get snow so I need four wheel drive so: 1.Alfa Spider V6 2.Nissan Skyline R34 3.UAZ Hunter PS Good Topic:thumbsup: PPS About the only good thing with moving back to the UK I can have them :woot: Just need the funds for them though slight problem!!!!

    yes get in -- New Focus RS!!!

    Whoops forgot they owned Volvo.Thanks Karoug.I wish they had used it I do feel it would have been a better car.Would have been able to compete with the R32.
  10. MASHBY

    yes get in -- New Focus RS!!!

    Big shame its not AWD.I know the new Diffs are getting very clever I just cant see how it can cope with that much HP and not give you the usual Torque Steer issues. But I dont think(I could be wrong) Ford has a AWD system that could cope with that much power so it would have been a new design...
  11. MASHBY

    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    So much has already been said Im not going to say a word Except Great Episode :tvhappy:
  12. MASHBY

    Harder test for Jersey

    Isnt that for th UK aswell.Dont think it will work though.
  13. MASHBY

    Cars of 1973

    Not the best or the worst but should get a mention Bond Bug One the best though I think is the last of the Stingrays Corevette 454
  14. MASHBY

    Spied: 2009 Lotus Esprit

    This is getting beyond a joke.Next cars will have to have huge foam bumpers front and rear and a very loud siren warning that its a car!!!!!
  15. MASHBY


    Canada along with the US are very strict on what comes in car wise.I beleive the EVO failed the front bumper test in Canada so Mitsu. decided the possible sales weren't worth the cost to modify.Same thing with the GTO.Mind you the most stupid one is Golf R32 last time I checked it was pretty...
  16. MASHBY

    Spied: 2009 Lotus Esprit

    Sorry Ive been away from Blighty for a few years.They banned pop head lights?
  17. MASHBY

    Hesitating between 2 sub-compacts: Nissan or Suzuki

    Well Danny last time I checked Montreal got snow.Front wheel drive is ok but Id go with Suzuki for 4x4 piece of mind.
  18. MASHBY


    The US got the EVO and beleive Mitsubishi said it will be in Canada this year. For more info on the US Version click here I have seen one around Calgary but not sure if its real one or just the body kit I know few made it in before Transport Canada cracked down on them
  19. MASHBY

    Top Gear to axe train stunt (shown in next ep)

    Ditto it is getting absoulty stupid.If you watch TG you know what its about.I cant wait till I move back to the UK :mad: .Perhaps Ill run for Prime Minister and make JC ministry of transport.
  20. MASHBY

    Car and Country Change

    Wow Thanks Cobol74 very kind of you to get those links I will enjoying going through them.