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  1. RiCh

    World First: new BMW 3-Series

    Nice :lol:
  2. RiCh

    Welcome to the new theme!

    Yeah very nice, i like it :D
  3. RiCh

    [06x01] May 22nd, 2005

    I must say that was a good episode yesterday, its been a long time since i last saw it :lol: Liked the football match between the Aygo's, and how they want the program to become more greener :lol: :lol: and of course the cool wall 8)
  4. RiCh

    [06x01] May 22nd, 2005

    Thanks for this :)
  5. RiCh

    Noob here

    Welcome m8 :D
  6. RiCh

    [07x09] May 16th, 2005

    Oh what........... :shock: :shock: Maybe i should get a TV capture card aswell and become the backp of the backup capturer :)
  7. RiCh

    Google Web Accelerator

    Isnt this meant to be Beta and only for American users?
  8. RiCh

    New Site Uploaded!!!!

    Very nice :thumbsup:
  9. RiCh

    [07x05] April 18th, 2005

    Cheers as usual :thumbsup:
  10. RiCh

    What happened to Quentin Wilson?

    lmao :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. RiCh

    Which BT client is the best?

    Probably lol, i used it once, but prefered Azureus :D
  12. RiCh

    Which BT client is the best?

    Yeh BitTornado is good, but i didnt like having lots of windows for each torrent :thumbsdown:
  13. RiCh

    Which BT client is the best?

    lol too right :lol: Whats wrong with Shareazaa? :mouse:
  14. RiCh

    Top Gear Magazine

    Well since the new season hasnt started yet, its the next best thing. I thought this magazine was pretty good, enjoyed reading about the new Range Rover in Dubai, and the guy with the Rolls Royce Phantoms :shock:
  15. RiCh

    Which BT client is the best?

    Is it multi-torrent? I didnt think it was, thats why i like to use Azureus :)
  16. RiCh

    Which BT client is the best?

    I use BitTornado and Azureus (when seeding multiple torrents), they both work well for me, but id say Azureus was the best :)
  17. RiCh

    Do you have broadband or not?

    I got 576K down and 288K up :( Bloody crap.... Im gonna be upgraded to 2MBit down soon, but the upload stays the same crappy 288 :shock:
  18. RiCh

    when spinners are not enough...

    That is pretty gay :lol:
  19. RiCh

    Top Gear Magazine

    I read it too, and think its pretty good. :D I would spend the ?3.75 or how much it is, to buy it, but i dont :lol:
  20. RiCh

    Another Newbie!

    Hey :welcome: to FinalGear, enjoy :D