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  1. pimpinteddy

    No sound on episode 2 season 12

    I have no idea why this is happening but i have no sound on just this one episode ... i have uninstalled and reinstalled the codecs and still nothing. i did find out though that when i left my comp without codecs all the other episodes can play the sound and this file doesnt play at all. i tryed...
  2. pimpinteddy

    Spied: Ferrari Dino

    ferrari are owned by FIAT and being one of the few profitable parts of FIAT they have an unlimited budget. but for it to stay this way they have to sell cars and win F1 races. Ferrari has built V12s, V10s (F1 only), V8s and V6s (under the factory name Dino) in the past. no inline engines ever...
  3. pimpinteddy

    Spied: Ferrari Dino

    he is the car telemetry guy
  4. pimpinteddy

    Tire Pressure

    When i look at the manual for a car it tells me a range of pressures i could put on the car like 28-33 psi. but which would be more econamical being closer to the 28 or the 33?
  5. pimpinteddy


    not yet i was doing it at an empty parkinglot right in the middle to avaoid doing anything that bad.
  6. pimpinteddy

    Car Tuning 101

    love the Grand Turismo reference mate. nicely done.
  7. pimpinteddy


    I dont know since the EVO isnt mine and i havent driven it yet. and I thoght the Gran Marqui might be useful because it has a police spec V8 and is RWD
  8. pimpinteddy


    BMW 330xi or 91 Mercury Gran Marqui + a friends EVO 4 rally car
  9. pimpinteddy


    How do I powerslide the car if i have an automatic and cant build up the revs with the clutch that would lead to wheel spin.:?
  10. pimpinteddy

    2007 F1 car launches

    Does anyone else think that the lyvery that they will ues for the ne Renualt is encredibly ugly and looks like something you would find on a Minardi?
  11. pimpinteddy

    Stupid BT Question [moved]

    Im New. how do i get the torrent file that i have downloaded to run?