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  1. Lederlieber

    I'm going to Austria for a week! *UPDATE: I'M BACK!*

    Yes. I'm going to Austria, to Zell am See for a week :D ! We (me and my parents) will have a nice and peaceful holiday; Zell am See has only 10000 inhabitants and is situated in mountain range by a lake. We are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 7am and we have to be at the airport at 5:30am...
  2. Lederlieber

    The Classic Cars Thread

    There must be some classic car enthusisast here... I think we should have a place where we could gather all stuff related to classic cars, that's why I made this topic. Please post here anything that has something to do with classics and anything you think is a classic: - If you own a...
  3. Lederlieber

    National Geographic Magazine

    National Geographic is the most read magazine in the world, it has about 10 million readers. The Magazine is famous for its marvellous photographs and good articles. My dad subscribed to National Geographic in the 1980s and 1990s, but he stopped it in 1993 (He hadn't so much time to read it...