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  1. Burn

    Ownership Verified: Winter Beater: Mercedes-Benz C200 Sport W202

    Still got a few weeks, but if the Winter comes I'm (sort of) prepared ;) So here it is, like the last one, kind of trashy and RWD - that's all that matters^^ 1994 C200 Sport, and It's got everything you need on a winter car :P : -Heated leather sports seats -Climate control (cooling doesn't...
  2. Burn

    Ownership Verified: And another Golf - now with added Cylinder ^^

    Since I liked my Mk2, but it was becoming too slow and uncomfortable, I decided to buy a newer, more comfortable Golf. Here's the result: 2002 Mk4 GTI V5 (20V Version, 170hp) Almost fully equipped, only things missing are leather seats and fog lights... As you can see the V5 logo was...
  3. Burn

    What's fake about exhaust noise?

    Inspired by the recurring rant from Jezza, and also recent posts in the awesome thread, I just have to ask, what is "fake" about exhaust noise? So if you design an exhaust to give a certain sound, the "real" engine sound would be the engine without the exhaust, right? but I just think that...
  4. Burn

    Box-Flared Wheelarches ;)

    I was just driving a Delta Integrale in FM4 an thought about how Boxy Widebodys just look great, so what about we make a thread and collect these great vehicles? :D I'll start with the Classics: And of course :) So if you have got any others, put them up! :)
  5. Burn

    Ownership Verified: It's a Golf... that is really all there is to say about it ;) My '99 Astra was dead because of rust and i needed a "new" car for virtually no money, so I ended up with this -1.3 w/ fuel injection -4-Speed Manual -Rev Counter -Sunroof Not fast, not good in the corners, but somehow still fun to drive -...