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  1. JohnK

    Unveiled: The Teslerr Model 3

    I might like the car more if I knew that my tax money was not going into rebates to make this car more affordable.
  2. JohnK

    Top Gear USA is back from the dead and headed to BBC America

    Well the first episode of TG America 2.0 sucked. The cast of TG America had worked into a rhythm and there was no need for a change. Like Top Gear, if you change the presenters after they made the show their own, the reboots are doomed to fail.
  3. JohnK

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    [/url]Cars and Brunch 2017 by John , on Flickr[/IMG]
  4. JohnK

    Mercedes AMG Vision GT

    I agree, the wheel and tire combination alone will scare people off they are so hideous. This is inspired by the AMG Vision GT concept; an imaginary super sports car designed solely for the Gran Tursimo 6 video game. It proved so popular, Mercedes created a 1:1 scale model of it to show to the...
  5. JohnK

    Mercedes AMG Vision GT

    As seen at the Miami Beach International Boat Show [/url] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr[/IMG] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr
  6. JohnK

    Forum Suggestions / Issues

    Just a suggestion, since you have forums for the car related tv shows some of those shows not even being on the air any more, Why not a new forum for "Fast and Loud"?
  7. JohnK

    [04x10] November 26th, 2013

    Quick Question: Was this the season finale?
  8. JohnK

    [04x07] November 5th, 2013

    Seems that they were pushing the green agenda for electric cars. I don't believe they ever mentioned the range of the cars or the time it takes to recharge the batteries. The drag races were interesting, Could have done without the mall segment.
  9. JohnK

    [04x05] October 22nd, 2013

    Not a bad episode when viewed by itself, but when compared to their last few it was terrible. The highlight was the atom vs moto gp and the low light was the promo for the History Channel's new show.
  10. JohnK

    What do you guys think of Top Gear USA currently?

    If you have to compare The BBC Version and the American Version this season and I have to go for the American version. Not sure what is happening to the BBC Version but it is losing some of its' luster. The US version is getting better all the time. The segment with Tanner racing himself in...
  11. JohnK

    Time for a New Car so it is between a older Porsche 911 or a newer Porsche Cayman

    Time for a New Car so it is between a older Porsche 911 or a newer Porsche Cayman for the same money. I'm thinking a 2001 911 is a better deal than 2007 or 2008 Porsche Cayman for the same money. I would like to hear other opinions.
  12. JohnK

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Bids for Neil Armstrong's Corvette Pass $250K on eBay, Collectors Concerned $250K and Reserve not met..... I don't care who the car used to belong to... It doesn't bounce the price up that much for a non restored 67 Vette/
  13. JohnK

    BBC America - Uverse

    OK Uverse does not carry the BBC America HD channel, So I need your help. Please go to and request the BBC America HD channel. I have already done it but I think I will have a better chance if I get some of your support. Thanks
  14. JohnK

    BBC America - Uverse

    Unfortunately, that is the package I have and sorry to say there is no BBC AmericaHD
  15. JohnK

    BBC America - Uverse

    The only draw back I have is that I have to watch Top Gear in standard def. BBC America is only available on Uverse (service provider) in standard format. Anyone have an insight if Uverse has any plans to carry BBC America HD?
  16. JohnK

    [02x16] April 3rd, 2012

    Excellent Show, Excellent Season.... The series just keeps getting more entertaining. There wasn't a dull moment in last night's show. Perfect picks for the three most uncool cars too
  17. JohnK

    [02x13] March 13th, 2012

    Gave it an 8. BSSC segment was a bust and the reason I did not score this episode higher. Need to have a least a recognizable star for the segment. Take out the BSSC and the show was great. You had to know that Trump was going to take the Bentley, but some how I can't even picture Trump even...
  18. JohnK

    Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

    Ok, for those that were for the bailout. The latest news has GM moving electric car development to China That was US Tax money well spent.
  19. JohnK

    Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

    I realize that there must be some types of government subsidy programs, However I feel that they should be very limited. You mention agriculture, Why, the US pays farmers not to grow certain crops, They also subsidize the tobacco growers yet they spend even more fighting against tobacco. The...
  20. JohnK

    Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

    I didn't write the article, just posted it. Though, It does lean to my position that government should stay out of the car business and not subsidize any manufacturer. I have to agree with you but as a taxpayer, I still don't want to help them buy those cars.