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  1. py2e

    Happy New Gear!!

    It's 9:47am 12/31/2006 here in NYC! Happy New Year guys!
  2. py2e

    A shame, really.

    Time to save up.
  3. py2e

    My CRX got rear-ended at 50mph

    Man, I'm glad you're ok. I got rearended before, and I still get nervous when someone tailgates me.
  4. py2e

    To the US readers... Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everybody had a blessed year to reflect upon. :cheers: I just recently got a job, after 6 months of searching and worrying. It is an engineering job designing 4 wheel drive systems. Though the pay is not much... at least I get to do something interesting. I'm very...
  5. py2e

    [10x09] November 20th, 2006

    Did anyone notice the jack under the car during the trick?
  6. py2e

    42% of Americans aren't "absolutely certain" that God exists.

    Thank you jeffy! For summing up how I feel about these posts! :thumbsup:
  7. py2e

    This is disgusting

    :D Now I'll crack up everytime I go to the supermarket.
  8. py2e

    42% of Americans aren't "absolutely certain" that God exists.

    There is a difference between sharing the gospel to people and forcing it into someone's throat. I know many Christians will get off your back if you don't want to hear it... At the same time you can't silence them if their church is doing a public event... but that's a freedom of speech issue...
  9. py2e

    S2000upra... *yummy*

    THat's sick.
  10. py2e

    FINALLY! "I Am The Stig" shirts officially for sale!

    I bought one. I guess this is my payment for the top notched entertainment that they provided for the last few years. :thumbsup:
  11. py2e

    British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing a Cross

    The cross is a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice. I wouldn't know if He wants to see it or not, but some people wear it to acknowledge His act of sacrifice. Nazi cross: 1uped! Even more offensive! :thumbsup:
  12. py2e

    British Airways Worker Suspended for Wearing a Cross

    Maybe it looked liked this:
  13. py2e

    Cool Videos

    LLRYo4V3HB8 What a mess!
  14. py2e

    Clarkson: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly discussion thread

    I thought the guy was drunk... but it's Vegas... not the brightest people there.
  15. py2e

    K&N Air Filter?

    Very true. I had an AEM short ram from ebay... I hear it sucking air everytime I stepped on the thottle. However it's all sound, you won't feel any HP gain. ;)
  16. py2e

    Clear rims...

    A barely passing grade is better than failing I guess :D
  17. py2e

    My 2006 Impreza STI

    Nice car man! :D
  18. py2e

    Clear rims...

    What you guys arguing about? :dunno: I was pointing out the fact that what rap used to be is now underground rap... not the fact that it is what people consider as rap today.
  19. py2e

    "Post Your Car" Forum Rules -- PLEASE READ!

    << Check out my hot wheels! Can you guess what cars they are???
  20. py2e

    Please ban topgearboy.

    Dunno how to use... *ashamed*