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  1. JohnK

    Mercedes AMG Vision GT

    As seen at the Miami Beach International Boat Show [/url] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr[/IMG] Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr Mercedes AMG Vision GT by Desperado8, on Flickr
  2. JohnK

    Time for a New Car so it is between a older Porsche 911 or a newer Porsche Cayman

    Time for a New Car so it is between a older Porsche 911 or a newer Porsche Cayman for the same money. I'm thinking a 2001 911 is a better deal than 2007 or 2008 Porsche Cayman for the same money. I would like to hear other opinions.
  3. JohnK

    BBC America - Uverse

    The only draw back I have is that I have to watch Top Gear in standard def. BBC America is only available on Uverse (service provider) in standard format. Anyone have an insight if Uverse has any plans to carry BBC America HD?
  4. JohnK

    Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

    Talk about Government Motors.... The taxpayers should not have to pay for crap like this Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle Analyst: 'This might be the most government-supported car since the Trabant'
  5. JohnK

    Florida State Trooper Pulls Over Speeding City of Miami Cop, 120MPH in a 60MPH Zone

    It is about time. The city of Miami cop was speeding at over 120MPH and was pulled over by a Florida State Trooper, his excuse: he was late for an off-duty job. The Florida State Trooper even pulled her gun on him. It is about time that cops realize they are not above the law. Bonus points...
  6. JohnK

    2001 SAAB 9-3

    My daughter is looking at a used 2001 Saab 9-30. I would like to hear opinions on this car. I have seen it and it is in pretty good shape, it does have a few dings and scratches that you might find on a 10 year old car. The interior is almost perfect, no rips or worn spots in the leather, but...
  7. JohnK

    Car Companys Gets a $529 million federal government loan, Builds Cars In Finland

    US Government getting into venture capitalism, lets hope this works out better for them than Solyndra did. Article talks about both Fisker and Telsa, both companies got huge government loans to develop and build their cars. Another thing they have in common is they both have ties to Major...
  8. JohnK

    Feds Off the Hook for Wrecked $750G Ferrari

    The US Government gets away with another one. One of the surprising things about this is the 2 clowns that were in the Ferrari are still employed by the government. Well on second thought, all the politicians that caused the financial crisis are still employed too, so it should surprise anyone...
  9. JohnK

    Reset/Self Diagnostic Test for the Ford Digital Climate Control System

    Just wanted to pass this along. There is a reset/self test feature on the Ford digital Climate Control Systems. More information can be found here: The AC in my wife's Taurus was not blowing cold. I was told that every was ok...
  10. JohnK

    Chevrolet Expects to Build 100 Millionth Small-Block V-8 This Fall

    This is the little engine that could!
  11. JohnK

    Need Help Identifying These Cars

    Going through my photos and found some pics of a vintage race that was held during the Miami Grand Prix in the 90's. Can you help me id these cars? 1. Ferrari? img205 by Desperado8, on Flickr 2. Porsche? img206 by Desperado8, on Flickr 3. I have no idea img202 by Desperado8, on Flickr...
  12. JohnK

    Mayor crushes misparked luxury car with troop carrier for parking in a bike lane

    Seems the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania was either so upset with luxury cars parking in the city's bicycle lanes or just envious of the cars, he held a demonstration to express his displeasure ? using a troop carrier to crush a junked Mercedes W140, just like the Soviets used to. All very...
  13. JohnK

    Slick New Boating Design Based on the classic American 63 Corvette

    Slick New Boating Design Based on the classic American 63 Corvette I'll take the black one as long as it has ac.
  14. JohnK

    1939 Pontiac Plexiglas Deluxe Six "Ghost Car"

    Interesting bit of customizing, and amazing use of plexiglass I know what they say about people who live in glass houses, I wonder how that applies to cars
  15. JohnK

    BBC America Top Gear

    How many episodes are they behind? The last new episode seems that they have already gone into reruns and did not show the episode with Jay Leno.
  16. JohnK

    Dyson developes Bladeless Fan

    Just thought this was interesting, wondering if there would be any future automotive uses. Can a fan still cool you if it doesn?t have blades? Apparently so, if it?s the new Dyson Air Multiplier ? fan pictured above. Dyson, a company well-known for advancing vacuum cleaner technology, has now...
  17. JohnK

    Rossion Q1 - Any Opinions?

    Went to the IRL race at Homestead this weekend and saw 2 of these. Awesome looking cars.
  18. JohnK

    30 Day Wait for a Part from Chrslyer?

    My friend has a relatively new Dodge SRT with the Viper engine. The power steering pump was making a strange noise so he took it to the dealer. The dealer says it is the power steering pump and they replace it. The morning after he picked truck up, he get in and starts it up. The power steering...
  19. JohnK

    Penske Out - GM to end Saturn

    GM to end Saturn 1. BULLETIN -- GENERAL MOTORS TO END SATURN BRAND.3 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters 2. Penske Automotive Group, Inc. shares plummet 11.78 percent in after hour trading as it terminates talks with General Motors.7 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters 3. Penske Automotive...
  20. JohnK

    Throttle Sticks - What would you do?

    We have all heard about the recall of front floor mats from Toyota because under certain circumstances they can make your gas pedal stick. Here is the 911 call that started the recall...