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  1. Hidden_Hunter

    Netflix, Hulu or Amazon

    So what do you guys and gals use for streaming? Personally I have hulu plus and netflix but thinking about changing out hulu for amazon. Hulu only seems to have a couple of shows that interest me but I don't really know much about amazon prime or what sort of content/experience people have...
  2. Hidden_Hunter

    What to do in Houston?

    So I'm spending some time in Houston in Sept/Oct, I've been a couple of times before and done the major stuff like NASA but trying to find other interesting stuff to do. Any suggestions guys/gals?
  3. Hidden_Hunter

    Mac locks on wifi activation

    Alright guys, anyone got any ideas why my macbook pro (2010) locks up (as in the whole mac) whenever wifi activates? this includes recovery mode and bootcamp tried resetting SMC and PRAM to no avail any suggestions? otherwise I now have an alluminimum paper weight cause you can't boot...
  4. Hidden_Hunter

    Flash based twitter widget

    Hi guys, Fairly specific requirement, does anyone know of any flash based twitter widgets (JS is a no go unfortunately, it's going somewhere that doesn't accept the <script> tag) Ideally I would like to have a user settable width as well.... Yes, obviously my preference would of been to not...
  5. Hidden_Hunter

    Latest surprise

    Thought this might be a bit of a fun thread What is your latest technology surprise? It can good or bad - something could of been way more awesome than you were anticipating or it could of sucked hard I'll start off, Windows Phone 7 "Mango" wow can I just say Microsoft have a winner on their...
  6. Hidden_Hunter

    Dead macbook charger?

    Just had my Macbook pro (2010, 2.4 C2D 4gb ram 13") totally shutdown with no warning and now my charger doesn't appear to work. When I rebooted, the clock had forgotten the time (and invalidated all of my certificates) Is this thing rooted, or just the charger? Piece of crap is just outside...
  7. Hidden_Hunter


    So we've got an iPhone thread, lets have an iPad1/2 thread :D I recently bought an iPad2 (wifi, white, 32) what are some good apps I should get?
  8. Hidden_Hunter

    Renting a car in Orlando

    Hi guys, I'm off to Orlando on the 18th of April (anyone want to catchup?) until the 22nd, and I need to rent a car. I'm arriving at MCO and I'm not sure the best way of doing it, I want insurance if either I crash or someone crashes into me (LIS and LDW?) so what's the best way of getting a...
  9. Hidden_Hunter

    Happy Australia Day!

    Happy Australia day to all Australians and friends of Australia! Tis the day we celebrate all that is great about this country! It's sure been a tough last year for the country (particularly in the last couple of weeks) but we will move on and get stronger! and
  10. Hidden_Hunter

    Simple Mexican/South American Starters and Deserts?

    guys/gals what's a simple mexican/south american appetizer (entree/starter to euro's) desert Need to be simple to cook :O (Previously in random thoughts)
  11. Hidden_Hunter

    HSV Clubsport now with direct inject LPG
  12. Hidden_Hunter

    Safe first car list

    This list might of interest to some people recommending first cars to friends etc, Basically a list of cars that are generally safer than others and what you can generally pick them up for...
  13. Hidden_Hunter

    VE Commodore series 2 interior spy shots Doesn't look too bad and should help level some of the complaints people had
  14. Hidden_Hunter

    Anzac Day

    Tomorrow is Anzac day for those who don't know (25th of April), which is the day that we commemorate the sacrifices made by the men and women of the Australian and New Zealand defence forces A nice touch by Telstra (they've been doing this for a few...
  15. Hidden_Hunter

    Barack informs Australia he's coming late... via Twitter... Dont' care so much about the possibility of Barack not coming but publishing it via Twitter hardly seems like the appropriate avanue. Mind you, he wasn't to be outdone by mr 1up Troublesome...
  16. Hidden_Hunter

    Fastest Golf slowed by Aussie heat Wow that's pretty lame, I would have to assume the American's will get the same limited version
  17. Hidden_Hunter

    Happy Australia Day!

    Today is the day that us Aussie's celebrate the day our great nation was founded! So enjoy a BBQ and beer today! ps Victoria is still the greatest state
  18. Hidden_Hunter

    (AU) R18 Game Classification

    Guys, I know most of you are in support of R18 games for Australia, the attorney general is currently reviewing the classification scheme so fill in the form and email them to let them know your support (or lack of support)...
  19. Hidden_Hunter

    Cheap bulk shipping from US to AU

    Quick query guys, I've got some speakers in the US (at my dad's place) any idea what the cheapest way to get them back here is approx weight is 50kg (111lbs) Stupid thing is I suspect that with shipping it's still far cheaper than buying them here (it's a nice set of paradigms)
  20. Hidden_Hunter

    What's on for Christmas

    What are you guys/gals having for Christmas meals? Cold meats (ham etc), hot meats (sangas and steak) and some salad with pavlova for dessert :D