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    Jezza's M5

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before (did a search but couldn't find anything), but did Jeremy own an M5 in the past? Apparantly Wikipedia suggests he does via a reference to his profile on the Askmen website. I'm quite surprised by this, I knew he owned an old 6-Series (as revealed back...
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    ChampCar Batracer game

    Desperately need players for a BAT champcar game I'm in, everyone's signing up for F1 2007 and the CC games are being left behind. Good fun, teams consisting of three drivers, PLENTY of drives still vacant, check out the link below: Password: senna Everyone...
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    Turtle Wax vs T-Cut

    Need some of you folks to quickly settle something for me. I've had my MR2 for two years now and haven't once given it the full over polish/wax/clay, so I've been reading around a lot of places to find the best way going about it. Problem is there are so many f****ing products around with weird...
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    X-Box 360 backwards compatibility

    Quick question for 360 owners here. Can you guys tell me what 360's backwards compatibility is like? I've read in some places that it isn't that great, and in some cases the games look and perform worse then on the X-Box. Is this true? I currently have a crappy X-Box setup on a very small...
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    F1 web based simulator game

    Anyone here heard of BATracer? If so, I've just started a new 2006 season in a long running series of mine (lot of friendly regulars playing), and currently we need three more drivers to get the season started. If you haven't heard of it, basically it's a free browser based F1/motorsport game...
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    MPEG to AVI

    Sorry if this has already been repeated elsewhere, I did a search but didn't find anything. Can anyone recommend a free program which can convert from MPEG to AVI? I've found a few that'll do AVI>MPEG but not the other way round. Any recommendations?
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    TG repeats

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned elsewhere (I couldn't find anything), but does anyone know what the hell the beeb are doing with the repeats? Yesterday I tuned into BBC2 at 7PM to find it wasn't on in it's usual spot (just before Dragon's Den), checked the site schedule and it said...
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    British vs Americanmusic (present)

    I was reading someone's posts on YouTube asking people where the great British artists/bands are, apparantly some bloke reckons that today America is leading the way with bands like Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, or Sunburned Hand Of The Man, whilst we only have Arctic Monkeys as a reply. I...
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    Buying music online

    I dunno about you guys, but before I discovered this forum I hated dance music. However, the 'TG What's that song' thread has changed that opinion, a lot. As a result I'm always looking for songs featured in TG. Up until now I've just been using Limewire, but I've been feeling slightly guilty...
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    Quick q about T-Cutting

    I have one quick question about T-Cutting. I'm looking to sell my old boxy Micra, and I thought I'd give it a clean up. Unfortunately it's still not looking great and I think applying T-Cut will really help. I know that strictly speaking you should apply a wax or polish after applying the T-Cut...
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    BATracer - Players needed

    UPDATE - 20th July OK, the last season has just ended with Red Bull Racing doing a clean-sweep of both championships, winning the constructors with a while to go, and securing that one of their cars would win the drivers on the penultimate race. We've started a new championship and a good...
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    Question about alloy wheel tyre pressure?

    Hi, I have a bit of a dumb question about the tyre pressure of alloy wheels. I have a Mrk1 MR2 I purchased a few months back, and thus far I haven't bothered checking/refilling the tyres with air. This is largely due to the fact I have no clue what pressure to insert for my 15inch allows. I...
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    JC's cars

    Little interesting read on MSN Cars about Jezza's cars, thought some people might be interested:
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    TG Power Lap board - Missing Cars?

    I might be late on this, but has anyone noticed that with the new revamp of the BBC TG site, some cars have dissappeared from view? I didn't pay much attention to the old one so does anyone know if it was the same before, or were they all listed before the redesign? Just that I was wanting to...
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    Lexus IS advert

    I'm not sure which folder this should fit in, I thought about placing it in 'What's that song' but then decided against it because that's for TG and FG music only. If this is in the wrong folder, apologies in advance. Has anyone seen the new Lexus IS advert ("Design that moves you")? I'm not...
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    Koenigsegg underestimated?

    Having watched this last year of Top Gear, there have been a number of supercars that have come along and pushed the power lap times further and further. For me, the whole interest in the super car power laps started when the Mclaren SLR came along, which was followed by the Carrera GT. Then my...