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    Ugliest audience on the planet

    England isn't exactly the land of beautiful people, but has anyone noticed that Top Gear Australia has the UGLIEST people on the face of the planet in the audience?
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    Clarkson leaving Top Gear?

    Autoblog ran an entry saying that Clarkson may be leaving Top Gear? Maybe they're starting rumours because they're angry about how America is constantly being made fun of by the show.
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    What will series 11 be like?

    Fifth Gear's series 10 has been over for some time, and I'm not sure anyone really liked it at a.. Top Gear is back, but it seems that the series will be gear far more towards entertainment than cars now. Does anyone else want Fifth Gear to return to the format of series 8 and 9? For...
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    New cars to be featured in series 9?

    So I'm not sure if anyone really knows which cars Top Gear will review this series, but I can't even remember what cars have been announced or released since the last series. What new car would you like to see a segment on? I wonder if there will be a backlog of reviews and if many will just...
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    Honda WOW on Fifth Gear?

    I seem to remember Vicky previewing the Honda WOW concept on Fifth Gear, but I have no idea what episode it's in . Can someone help me out with this?