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    No Big Star, Small Car segment this season?

    Has anyone else noticed that I don't think there has been a Big Star, Small Car segment this season. Did they stop doing that segment? Not popular enough to get any stars on?
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    Watching the 1,000,000 facebook fans camper blow up video

    Its on the homepage right now, Anyway, notice when The Stig is powersliding around the camper, the sky is clear blue, when when the The Stig blows up the camper, the sky is overcast...
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    How do you access the Top Gear Test Track in GT5?

    I'm totally confused in GT5. I'm at Level 7 in Spec-A, I haven't played Spec-B driving yet. I all ready won the Top Gear Test Track race with the VW Vans with a silver trophy, and just completed the AMG SL300 on the first part of the N?rburgring Nordschleife. So, how do I get to run whatever...
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    Who do you think the Stig is, and why?

    I honestly don't have a clue who the Stig might be. Can you post who you think the Stig really is, and justify why you think it's that person.
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    proxy I can use to watch videos on

    does anyone know the IP of a proxy I can use to watch the videos on
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    bad joke, but...

    jeremy clarkson walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "why the long face?" lol
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    The Stig wrecks a lambo

    hopefully not a repost. 17 November 2006 ANOTHER TOP GEAR SMASH By Allison Martin And Nicola Methven, Tv Editor BBC TV's Top Gear was reeling last night after another high...
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    why does Vuk always take so long to release his rips?

    All times in Central Time Zone. Top Gear ended at 3pm. It was released on the newsgroups around 4:30 And then I get the email from about Vuk's rip at 10:44pm. And then even when Vuk releases his rip, you only have a...