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  1. Evel

    PC Won't Boot After Swapping Motherboards

    Today has not been a good day for me and my PC. I've been having issues lately with it taking 2 tries to boot. So, in search of a solution, I went to update the BIOS on my motherboard (MSI Z68A-GD55 B3). Everything was going well until my antivirus, avast, decided to terminate one of the...
  2. Evel

    Wi-Fi Connection Drops Intermittently On Mobile Devices

    Today I bought myself a BlackBerry PlayBook, and while rather pleased with my purchase, I encountered an issue with my Wi-Fi network: it randomly drops connections to mobile devices, very briefly. I've noticed this on my BlackBerry Torch before, but I never paid much attention to it. The Wi-Fi...
  3. Evel

    Computer will not work outside of Safe Mode

    So I've been having some odd problems with my computer lately. After every boot it would, sooner or later, freeze once. This lasted a minute or so and then went away. I ran a virus scan to make sure that wasn't causing it, and while it did detect a few threats they didn't seem very serious...
  4. Evel

    Upgrading my PC, could use some advice

    5 years old. As it turns out, that's pretty old for a PC, and recently it's been showing. Major slowdowns whenever I'm doing some simple Photoshop tasks (Such as resizing photos), the inability to run even not-so graphically-advanced games such as Test Drive Unlimited 2 at any setting above...
  5. Evel

    The New Reasonably Priced Car - Can you tell what it is?

    The above picture appeared on the TG website today from S15E01 rehearsals. Can anyone identify the car?
  6. Evel

    WordPress/CSS help

    I want to change the font in a WordPress theme, but I have no idea which part of the CSS I need to edit for that. Could anyone help me out? Edit: Another thing I need help with: By default, when you downsize a picture, WordPress will display a low-quality variant, while clicking on the picture...
  7. Evel

    WordPress problems

    I have a problem with WordPress. I bought hosting, and installed WordPress. However, when I try posting, I can't post under my own name. I can only use the names of other authors :? Anyone know what might be the problem?
  8. Evel

    Your Car "Wardrobe" - Shopping for cars like you shop for pants

    Alright, so here's the idea of this thread: you have to have a car for every occasion, just as you would pants (Inspired by this post). Here's a list of "occasions" for you, but feel free to add your own: Hot weather Cold weather Snow Sports (This can include racing, going to hockey, etc.)...
  9. Evel

    Autoblog: Range Rover settles into middle age, hits the big 4-0!

    Yes, the good ol' Range Rover turns 40. Happy Birthday! Source: Autoblog
  10. Evel

    CSS/HTML editing help

    So I'm working on a big update for The Blog of Cars, but I've got a bit of a problem. I've edited my footer to look like this: The problem is, on the actual website, when you click "FamFamFam", it will send you to "" rather than...
  11. Evel

    School project on hybrids

    I'm doing a project for school, in which I have the thesis "Hybrids automobiles have a negative impact on the environment." So I'm turning to the FinalGear community for research information. The nature of the project allows me to prove the thesis wrong, so feel free to provide information for...
  12. Evel

    No 56k: Audi A8 L revealed, live debut in Beijing

    Audi's revealed the A8 L ahead of Beijing. Source: The Blog of Cars I think the interior looks fabulous, and I like the exterior too, despite Audi's whole copy-paste thing lately.
  13. Evel

    Silhouette adjustment

    I made a sillouette for a banner I'm going to use on my blog (See sig). However, as you can see, many of the edges are rough and the wheels aren't very well shaped. Could anyone adjust it so that the edges are smooth and the wheels look more round? I can provide the original .psd if needed...
  14. Evel

    Lexus LFA lease pricing leaked

    The lease pricing for the Lexus LFA has been leaked, and it's pretty damn expensive. Source: The Blog of Cars I knew matte is expensive, but $20,000 is just insane.
  15. Evel

    How would you like to own twelve E-Type Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaags?

    You heard me, would you like twelve E-Types? Yes? That'll be $200,000 please. Sounds like Spectre's going to need a bit of a loan soon. Source: Jalopnik
  16. Evel

    Dad needs a work car

    My dad's looking for a work car (Renovation work). It has to be a fairly short wheelbase (Not sports car short, but like the wheelbase of a minivan). Can't be too old (5 years old or so), can't have high mileage, and the budget's about $15,000. Any ideas? My dad seems to like the Dodge Grand...
  17. Evel

    The Blog of Cars needs your help

    Now, a few of you might know about my car blog, The Blog of Cars. I run it with ALXBWSCREW from here (And we're in the process of setting up AshDav with an account). However, our small team isn't enough, especially with increasing popularity. So we've came to FinalGear for help. There are...
  18. Evel

    Karting near Toronto

    I've been interested in getting into karting lately. So I've been looking all over the internet for something around Toronto like the Jim Russell Arrive and Drive Series in the US, where they provide the kart. The only thing I managed to find was this...
  19. Evel

    No 56k: Toronto Through the Eyes of a Nikon

    Went out on Saturday and took some pictures around Toronto. Warning: This thread may contain pictures taken by a camera of the dark side. Love my D3000 :mrgreen: Please post your comments and constructive criticisms.
  20. Evel

    Spied: Audi RS4 Spied - Or Maybe It's Something Else

    Source: Fast Lane Daily/VOD Cars Hopefully this is an RS4 rather than some sort of A6 facelift. I like the current A4/S4 and would love to see an RS4.