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  1. salle

    Starcraft 2 (GSL, MLG, IEM, TSL and all others)

    So who besides me, and I think Karoug, likes watching StarCraft 2 as a spectator sport? or for a more sportsfanny introduction: How about the Swedish hero Liquid`Jinro tearing into GSL Semi Finals the second tournament in a row? Did you see his games against oGsMC in the Round of 16? Jinro...
  2. salle

    So I tried to enter into a Worth1000 competition

    So I sent it in but my entry was rejected for the Predator & Prey 2 fxb competition, and I guess rightly so, but I thought I aught to share it with you guys anyhow cause I thought it was funny. So if you have any critique or comments please feel free to leave them below.