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  1. Raparperi

    Hot Rod & Rock Show @ Tampere, Finland

    Plenty of nice american cars this year, but the selection of tuning cars was a bit disappointing. A few teasers here, rest of the pictures in the gallery linked below. -
  2. Raparperi

    Museoajoneuvop?iv? (Museum vehicle day) @ Yl?j?rvi, Finland

    Almost forgot to post a thread about this one. Went to see a bunch of classic vehicles with my friend last sunday, I'll just post a link to the gallery and a few teaser shots here. Even though I'm a Porsche fan and there was a nice 912 at...
  3. Raparperi

    Porsche Club Finland @ Ahvenisto Race Circuit 28.7.2007

    I had asked MXM to tell me of nearby Porsche events a while back and last thursday he told me, that there was going to be a track day at the Ahvenisto race circuit in H?meenlinna (some 70km from my house). Of course I had to go! I managed to borrow a nice AF Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens from our...
  4. Raparperi

    100+ Motorshow @ Tampere, FIN

    Went to a motorshow last Saturday, though I must say I was a bit surprised how small it was. Only one hall of the available four was in use...and not that much visitors either. Well, made taking pictures a lot easier. So, here's a couple of teasers and the rest can be seen here...
  5. Raparperi

    Hot Rod & Rock Show @ Tampere, Finland

    Well, I went, I saw and I took photos. The place got crowded pretty fast, so moving about and taking photos became a bit harder after a while. And a few teasers:
  6. Raparperi

    "German gov't considers jail time for gamers";title;0 A friend just passed this link to me, is this for real?? I mean, at first I presumed this was a joke, but apparently it isn't... :? What next? If you drive over the limit in Gran Turismo/Test Drive/<insert driving game here> the...