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  1. Homer_Bart

    Fake email from youtube?

    Hi guys! Today I received an email from youtube, thinking it was a real one I clicked the link because the accompanying text from the email didn't make proper sense, what does "Your video on the TOP of YouTube" actually mean? Thinking about it I immediately closed that tab probably half a...
  2. Homer_Bart

    Is the aircon broken?

    Hi guys. It's a really stupid title name but I don't know what will be more apt since my mechanical knowledge is extremely limited. So "my" BMW 320i E90, built 2007 and currently with 90000km, has been having problem with noises and engine lately. First, the engine of late has been running much...
  3. Homer_Bart

    A good wax?

    Hi guys! I need your help to recommend me a good wax that I can wax my car with as the car has never been given a waxing since new, so I thought I could have a go at it later today! What are some good waxes that don't require a buffing machine? And it shouldn't cost too much since if it really...
  4. Homer_Bart

    No 56k: Sightings from Singapore

    Luck has been good recently, saw many amazing cars. I've taken so many pictures that I think they deserve their own thread. So here it goes! Sold for SGD$4m - 2.3m Euros - USD$3.2m
  5. Homer_Bart

    Random disconnection from wireless internet

    This is a problem on a friend's Vista laptop. When watching videos, the internet would sometimes become disconnected, and then it would show that there are no networks in range. No matter how much I refreshed, it will still show the same thing - no wireless networks in range. However, it would...
  6. Homer_Bart

    Cannot uninstall/install Sims 3

    Help needed again! :( Okay, so what I wanted to do was to reinstall Sims 3. So I did a full uninstall, and then reinstalled the game. However, halfway through the installation, someone switched off the computer. So after switching the computer back on again, I deleted all the files the...
  7. Homer_Bart

    Another epic fail at computers from yours truly

    Alright, i'm now posting from my psp! short story, took apart my laptop just now to clean the fan because it was always overheating, and after cleaning it, i screwed everything back. All seemed fine. Pressing down the power button, the screen is black, the lights light up and blink like they...
  8. Homer_Bart

    URGENT help needed! Vista won't reformat!

    So my desktop died again. This time, I've found out an ingenious method to back up my stuff while the computer was down. First, the windows won't start, it'll always lead me to the "Windows Error Recovery" a. I click on "startup repair", then it gives me the error status: 0xc000000f. b. I click...
  9. Homer_Bart

    Top Gear - Name ripoff

    Not sure if this is worthy of its own thread, but anyway, here's what I've spotted! :lol: I'm sending this shot to BBC straight away! Post yours if you have! :rolleyes:
  10. Homer_Bart

    Modding GTA IV: Access Denied

    Hi there :) First off, when I try to open vehicles.img using Spark IV or Open IV, I'll get an error message saying that access is denied. I have tried all the ways I could, but none worked. There are so many problems. Here's a list: 1. The files in the GTA IV folder are all Read-Only, while...
  11. Homer_Bart

    Singapore Carrerista (carshow)

    Greetings from my long absence! : P Enjoy the R35s :mrgreen: That's all for now! More to follow tomorrow :D
  12. Homer_Bart

    Time Waster: Mercedes-Benz AMG Holiday Game

  13. Homer_Bart Car of the Year 2008 - Nominations Car of the Year 2008 - Nominations Welcome to the Car of the Year 2008! This is the nomination thread to nominate the cars that you think is worthy of the's Car of the Year Award! Here is how everything works: 1. You nominate 1 car of your choice per...
  14. Homer_Bart

    Time Waster of the Day: Mercedes AMG Holiday E-card

    Make your card here Here's mine to everyone else! :mrgreen:
  15. Homer_Bart

    Mercedes E-Class Coupe (photos+spy video) *Update Mercedes E Class Coupe Convertible New video...