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  1. Raparperi

    Ownership Verified: Weird Finn buys a scooter (Honda NM4 Vultus)

    Son, I am disappoint...why hasn't anyone done this before? :lmao:
  2. Raparperi

    Online Meet Up Perhaps? - Saturday 10 October 18:00 UTC

    Hmm, perhaps, perhaps... :think:
  3. Raparperi

    Ownership Verified: My its_not_a_golf ev (2020 VW id3)

    He most definitely was, that's why I wanted to post those pictures as a series :-D Such a track beast.
  4. Raparperi

    Ownership Verified: My its_not_a_golf ev (2020 VW id3)

    Luckily I got a few shots of the operation :-D
  5. Raparperi

    State of the Forum vs Telegram

    Whaaat, you're not?! Damn and blast! I've been Telegramming wrong all these years...all those times when I went through a backlog of thousands of posts when I just "forgot" to check the group for several days :ph34r:
  6. Raparperi

    Random Thoughts....

    Ermahgerd, I sort of drift away from the forums for a few months (busy with life yaddi yadda I know) and suddenly a katwalk appears. Hiya there! o/
  7. Raparperi

    Cancer Sucks

    The news left me speechless this morning. Must've been the most eerie and silent (inside my head) commute to work I've had ever. Alex really brought the world together and for that I'm forever grateful. I haven't always been as active in the FG community as I would've liked but I guess that...
  8. Raparperi

    What shaving machine to buy?

    Braun shavers ftw. My face can't handle regular shaving with a blade but never had any issues with several Braun models throughout my life (usually they've lasted for years in my use). At one point we had this try for 60 days (?) and return for a full refund if you don't like it campaign. I...
  9. Raparperi

    Lost my wife

    So sorry for your loss :comfort: 46 years is indeed a lifetime of memories to remember and cherish.
  10. Raparperi

    Feedback on a donation program/status?

    Oh man, now I gotta think of a title for myself. "Self-titled old geezer"? :hmm:
  11. Raparperi

    Last TV show you saw?

    I just recently watched The IT Crowd. Had good laughs, I now understand the origins of some memes and the show wasn't dragged on too long when it looked like it was running out of steam. As a result I began my free month of Netflix. Let's see what I'll binge next...
  12. Raparperi

    Welcome to XenForo

    Spread the story and pictures over several posts instead of jamming them all into one post?
  13. Raparperi

    The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

    Well, this is a bit late now but: The forums are back! And for reals this time. Also I managed to see the lunar eclipse (super wolf blood moon whatnot) while getting my ass to work this morning. Nice.
  14. Raparperi

    Welcome to XenForo

    Awesoooomeeee! :love:
  15. Raparperi

    Touristenfahrten too busy for you? Come to track day instead!

    Fun was had! And pictures were taken (some still to come).
  16. Raparperi

    Touristenfahrten too busy for you? Come to track day instead!

    Track day tomorrow brah. Hey, I posted on the forums. I wonder when was the last time... edit: And of course I got an error while posting :-D
  17. Raparperi

    Post a pic of yourself

    Looking good, cap'n! :happy:
  18. Raparperi

    Icetrack meet 2018. Time to ditch Lapland

    Just saw this in my FB feed and thought it was most fitting :D
  19. Raparperi

    Post a pic of yourself

    If your beard is a bit wild I think the beauty/smoothing/blur filter in your camera app has gone off the rails :D
  20. Raparperi

    The "New Toys" Thread

    I must admit I was suspicious at first of the Neo Hybrid because of the flimsy outer part, especially after the Slim Armor which was made of two chunky parts and made the phone feel like a tank. I've gotten used to it though and have had no problems.