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  1. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Mazda3i Touring Hatchback

    Hi guys! Mooglebunny here, it's been quite a long year or two for me and a lot of cool things have happened. I moved a couple of times, graduated from college, landed a $15/hour job with benefits and paid holidays, bought a new cell phone which is a Galaxy Note 2 (which I took these pictures...
  2. mooglebunny

    Ownership Verified: The car nobody's been waiting for.

    I've been meaning to get to this for a while. Here are some of the pictures of the vehicle that I drive daily(ish). Broken side-view mirror (broken a few years ago), this is my temporary solution until I epoxy it. You can kind of see how dirty it is, it hasn't been properly cleaned in...
  3. mooglebunny

    How to replace a windshield fluid resevoir cointainer?

    Apparently at some point the previous driver of the car *cough* gouged the reservoir and someone at some point repaired it with some cheap glue. Well just shortly after I moved with the car the glue started letting go and leaking the fluid out. My dad took at look at it and after barely poking...