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  1. Bad Bowtie

    560hp 4 door GT-R coming from Infinti (Q50 Eau Rouge)
  2. Bad Bowtie

    Breaking in a C7 stingray the right way!

    Had a blast today. Got a couple races in, as well as my friend got some great shots in the photo shoot today (C7, 2014 GT500, and a '13 ZL1). All I can say is I LOVE THESE CARS. Everyone's gripe, the interior...solved. Power is great, ride is great, and the burnouts are even better!:lol:
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    1,216 RWHP on 93 octane (blows my camera away in the process)

    Friend of mine, and local LSX guru, got his car on the dyno the other night. Still climbing hard, probably would've been 1250-1300 but he didn't want to push it any higher without his laptop to log it. Normally revs it out to ~7500. Build thread: My 444 CI F1x build Quick rundown: -444ci...
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    Supercharged Mustang sounds like a jet!! (hero3 external mic test)

    Got to test out my external mic for my GoPro on my friend's car last night, works awesome!!!
  5. Bad Bowtie

    The Z28 is back for 2014
  6. Bad Bowtie

    Need help

    I don't have PS, but I was hoping someone could help me out. All I want done is the black background around the outside of the bowtie to be transparent. If you want to be a MAJOR help, Making the middle of the bowtie (except the eyes) transparent would be phenomenal, but if you only want...
  7. Bad Bowtie

    Which episode is this quote from?

    I can't for the life of me remember, and no luck searching. :( "A turbo, exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens and you go faster." ...JC of course.
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    Concept: Opel Enigma- the European Camaro Soooo nothing of substance really, just wanted to see what everyone, especially Europeans, thought of this as it seems Opel is quite bland from the sound of it.
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    TX2K12 multimedia thread

    Figured we'd not clog up other threads and just have one for all the pics and videos from the event.
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    Hennessey to ruin...err, "tune" McLaren MP4-12C
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    Veyron driven into lake = insurance fraud?

    Remember that old story?
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    Need help, looking to buy a camcorder

    I'm starting look at camcorders, which will mostly be used for the making of racing/car cruise videos, but I have plenty of other uses for it too . Don't know much about what I'm looking at/for, so I thought I'd ask. Really just want something that'll look good at night (not asking for...
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    Viper ACR knocks special edition LFA off the top of the Ring leaderboard That was a short lived record. :lol:
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    Cadillac ATS in action

    Not too much in the video, but it's something... Little bit of info: Pictures:
  15. Bad Bowtie

    Cadillac takes a shot at Ferrari in new ad
  16. Bad Bowtie

    "New" GM not honoring "old" GM's warranty claims ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As an avid GM guy, I can honestly say this sickens me to the...
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    Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

    Wasn't sure where this belonged, but it does have a political flavor to it, and the discussion might go as such, so I figured I'd just leave it here. Mods/admins, feel free to move...
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    Can't load a couple sites.

    For some reason, out of the blue about 30 minutes ago, my laptop decided to not load 2 specific sites (LS1tech & It will load FinalGear (obviously), Facebook, any Youtube, local forums, I can google anything and get a result, but when I try to get on to those 2 sites , just gives...
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    GYMKHANA 4; The Hollywood Megamercial

  20. Bad Bowtie

    I went out to buy some milk and came back with this...

    Ok, I didn't really go out to buy milk. Sorry for the shitty pictures, I took them with my GoPro trying to make them better than a cell phone pic, but it has fixed focus and can't zoom, no way to see what I'm taking, etc. All I can say is, the smile she got on her face while picking it...