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  1. ioynerien

    Random Thoughts....

    I like how taking the context out of things, makes them much less boring. An example from a course on AS400/iSeries I'm currently browsing through: "The H Spec in RPG ILE has many more options available than it does in RPG OPM." Real meaning: "When programming in the RPG language in a Original...
  2. ioynerien

    Post Your Watches

    The last couple of months I had been looking for a nice dress watch. Today I finally made the decision and bought an Omega De Ville Hour Vision "Orbis". I absolutely love it. The way it curves beautifully around my wrist, the amazing colour, the co-axial movement... I'm really flabbergasted.
  3. ioynerien

    The "New Toys" Thread

    I decide to move my entire movie collection to a NAS / media server - Synology 412+ - 4 x WD Caviar Green 2Tb
  4. ioynerien

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    a genuine panama hat
  5. ioynerien

    Roadtrip in the Southwest...suggestions welcome

    In September - October I did an extended version of your road trip (except for the Westcoast bit, I visited all the mentioned places). Personally I considered the Great Sand Dunes NP a waste of time, it's almost as boring as the National Grasslands. Why not include the Rocky Mountains NP or the...
  6. ioynerien

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Yesterday I went shoe shopping, so I came across 2 major annoyancies - why isn't there a proper shoe size standard? Not only are there different geographical standards, even then they aren't accurate. - I hate having to go browse in the childrens segment, just because I happen to have smaller...
  7. ioynerien

    Random Thoughts....

    I was thinking the exact same thing
  8. ioynerien

    Car door sounds...the perception of quality

    Hmm, I currently drive a '11 Renault M?gane (temporary car bestowed upon me whilst waiting on my new company car). It .. is .. horrible! The doors don't make any sound at all when you close them. This is very annoying since it always makes me want to doublecheck whether they are actually closed...
  9. ioynerien

    Diecast Models

    I have that setup, it's a very nice combination. Those models really work well together. btw I love my Renntransporter, it's such a gorgeous model. The details on CMC's are amazing, like the dangling little keys in the ignition... pics
  10. ioynerien

    My Hometown is Famous for...

    Laarne - there is the castle, of which the oldest bits date back to the 11th century. It was originally build in a river bend, the castle remains, the river has moved on. - in 1607 there was a witch trial and 4 women were burned at the stake - home to Etienne De Wilde, an Olympic silver...
  11. ioynerien

    Branded Crap

    I recently bought a pair of Porsche Design chopsticks
  12. ioynerien


    Let's see, Dutch, French, English and German were mandatory courses at school. I also studied a few years Latin and ancient Greek (I have forgotten the most of it though). In recent years I learned a bit of Spanish and attempted Finnish (because I spend a semester there, ... I failed miserably...
  13. ioynerien

    Somewhere on the road from Santiago to Villa Carlos Paz via Mendoza

    This is the Chilean part. Some pictures I took (sorry for the crappy quality):
  14. ioynerien

    Somewhere on the road from Santiago to Villa Carlos Paz via Mendoza

    lol, did that route in November (on a bus though) Some remarks: - Plenty of crazy truck drivers on it - we had to wait several hours at the border, due to the very dilligent security check
  15. ioynerien

    Your Family History Thread

    I have no information at all regarding my family on my father' side (somewhere in the sixties his parents divorced, soon thereafter my grandfather somehow passed away. All contact with that part of the family has since then been severed.) About my family on my mother's side I do have quite a...
  16. ioynerien

    Driving Experience Programs

    Offical Driving Experience programs Introduction The reason why I have written this little overview, is because I personally have had some great experiences with the Audi Driving Experience program. This made me curious about whether other manufacturers had simular programs available. So I...
  17. ioynerien

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    *sigh* Friday I'll be given a new (temporary) company car, due to my current one being too old to be serviced :S Aargh, why can't those leasingmonkeys just let me order a new one, as I'm supposed to
  18. ioynerien

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    Pope Shenouda III has died
  19. ioynerien

    Diecast Models

    Nice collection :) CMC Bugatti and Porsche?