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  1. jaydlewis

    Mazda Protege5 Wagon

    My bro is considering buying an 03 Mazda Protege5 SportWagon and has come to me for advice. Unfortunately, I dont' know too much about Mazdas so I figured I'd ask those who do know more. (We live in Eastern Canada (harsh winters, major road-salt) and he's looking for something that can double...
  2. jaydlewis

    TG:US Titles Wallpaper

    Sorry if this isn't the place to put this. Please move/delete as necessary... Surprised the History website doesn't have any kind of downloads for wallpapers or anything. Here's my shot at it. I found it really tough to ditch the bug in the corner. It's not too bad... DL link
  3. jaydlewis

    Series 4 start date

    According to Steve Pizzati's twitter: "Don't forget the 'other' Top Gear starts tonight on Ch.9 at 8:30pm. (8:37pm actually) #TopGear"
  4. jaydlewis

    New Challenge Commencing

    According to Robert Llewellyn (via his twitter @bobbyllew), he'll be meeting Tiff and Jonny to charge their Mitsubishi iMievs. 5th Gear is driving from Newcastle to Portsmouth. Related tweets:
  5. jaydlewis

    Christopher Titus...possible co-chost??

    This came through my email. I know nothing beyond this. "Christopher Titus, he of the eponymous sitcom with Stacy Keach, was on a local morning show in DC promoting a stand-up gig in the area. Almost as an aside he stated he was up for a hosting gig for American Top Gear against one other guy...