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  1. konradiusz

    Is there a way to rip the audio track from an avi file without re-encoding?

    i use goldwave....
  2. konradiusz

    Some ideas for series 11

    get the guys to set a new transcontinental driving record across the United States- the current record is 31 hours, 4 minutes... seriously how hard can it be :razz:
  3. konradiusz

    Cool Videos

    Polart 06/07 Polart 06/07 this is a video that my friend put together! We had a great time!!!
  4. konradiusz

    Global Warming - A swindle

    good luck
  5. konradiusz

    Global Warming - A swindle

    im not really concerned about global warming, its the effect CO2 has on other environment issues. For example, CO2 causes acid rain (C02 + H20 -> H2C03 (acid=bad) This in turn destroys buildings, metal structures, kills fish, plants cant perform photosynthesis, the list goes on. So just plant...
  6. konradiusz

    Take the Gayometer Test

    LOL! a respectable 20% for me i got lost on the 'are you a cat or a dog question'
  7. konradiusz

    Elderly Tourist Kills Mugger With Bare Hands

    the mystery has been solved, we have found stalin's killer. Good on you mate! Fending off some 20 year old thugs.
  8. konradiusz

    Top Gear Wallpapers

    Dzien dobry :) ! love the tapety (wallpapers) looks like you have put a lot of effort in them. :thumbup:
  9. konradiusz

    Top Gear isn't nearly as good as it used to be, too much random adventure segments.

    The 'adventures' are what make top gear.... TOP GEAR! Without them it would turn into final gear. (note the use of caps)
  10. konradiusz

    Battle of Stalingrad

    Wikipedia states that the result of the Battle of Stalingrad was a Decisive Soviet victory. I dont see how losing 750,000 people in the space of 199 (as jimmymac said) is a decisive victory. Having said that, the Soviets lost over 20 million people in World War 2. Thats the whole population of...
  11. konradiusz

    The British Appreciation Thread

    Dont know, after the horrors of tonight (Australia lost for the first time this summer against england). I hang my head in shame. But, minus tonights result, yes they are hopeless at cricket. If it wasnt for top gear/ fifth gear i wouldnt even know that england existed. (joking)
  12. konradiusz

    Men's Handball World Championship 2007, Germany

    your on swak! If germany win you can ban me for an undisclosed time (for example 1 week), but if poland win you can decide your own fate. :wicked:
  13. konradiusz

    Men's Handball World Championship 2007, Germany

    YEAH!! poland in the final against the germans. :) This time the germans will come off second best.
  14. konradiusz

    Men's Handball World Championship 2007, Germany

    WOW! POLAND'S IN THE SEMI's YEAH!!!!! :D :D :D :D Australia suck!! they came last. :wall: mgkdk- your going to be so disappointed when Poland beat Denmark!!
  15. konradiusz

    California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Why not make solar panels compulsory? 8) Its by far the best way to cut back on the electricity bill.
  16. konradiusz

    I think i need to leave...The U.S.

    Of course the rich have an easier path, not only in education by in life in general. I received a scholarship at a 'snobby' school and i know what its like (transition between public and private). Its never easy being surrounded by guys who drive Porsche's and RX7/8's. But the surprising thing...
  17. konradiusz

    Is Richard Hammond the new star of Top Gear?

    What about that time when he apparently got his teeth whitened :lol:
  18. konradiusz

    LOOK AT ME!!! I'm an Attention Whore. (52K DIAF.)

    LOL!!! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  19. konradiusz

    Great viewing figures

    LOL, more people watch "Playboy One" than the "National Geographic Channel"
  20. konradiusz

    Which Mercedes are you?

    yes minster A-class? o_O