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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    Hi guys So I'm on a tight budget, and can only afford one of these two cars ('99 Fiat Punto or '99 Mitsubishi Carisma), or maybe something similar (I live in Israel so not too much choice here and cars are really pricey). I will be probably mostly be doing drives of an hour or less, and not...
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    Flash: 430ex ii or 580ex

    Hi guys Ok so I found a 580ex online second hand for a very good price (he wants under $200 for it). My question is, it it better to get an old 580ex that possibly has been used quite a bit (sounds like he's a serious hobbyist) or to get a second hand 430ex ii (which costs around $270 second...
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    Help needed cleaning Canon 450D!

    Hi guys I bought a Canon 450D last week and I've been really enjoying it. Super camera! Anyhow so I was outside photographing airplanes when I changed lenses to go back to my normal 18-55mm instead of my telephoto. It seems that two specks of dust got in to the camera when I changed the...
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    S14E03 HD downloading SO slowly!

    Why is it taking SOOO long for the torrent to download this week? Usually I get 200-300KB/s, and this time it's like 1-2KB/s. Is it connected to the fact that it's no longer on Mininova?? Thanks
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    New roads for Top Gear to visit! These are dangerous and breathtaking! Lots of fun for Clarkson and the boys! I can just imagine Jeremy driving himself off a cliff at high speed!
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    Should Jeremy Clarkson Grow a Moustache?

    In light of the increasingly intellectual posts in this forum, I decided it is entirely essential to discuss this most important of matters to Top Gear's future: Should Jeremy Clarkson grow a moustache? Furthermore, if yes, what kind? Kindly post a picture to demonstrate the style you have in...
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    Ben Collins Stig decide for yourself

    Hi guys. I see the thread with Jeremy and the Topless Stig got deleted, but somebody said they needed a super zoom on his face because Stig's helmet is cracked open and then we could see who he is: Well, with some good Photoshopping skills, I blew up the Stig's photo, found another photo of...