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  1. TVR_Fan

    TVR_Fan's TDU Gallery

    Time for my first full TDU update, but I am sorry for the image quality of some of the shots, due to the dead pixels. Also l I can only extract them at the moment. However because of the dead pixels, I have used the blur tool to blur out as many of them. TVR Click for wallpaper Click for...
  2. TVR_Fan

    PGR3 Pics

    Ok this is not related too Janus's topic asking about how to export pics from PGR3. Aston Martin Ferrari Ford Maserati I call my DBR9 shot: DBR9 the green Hunter
  3. TVR_Fan

    TVR denies lay-off crisis

    Source: AutoCar Blackpool supercar brand TVR is playing down media reports that it is laying off half of its workforce. The Transport & General Workers' Union said around 150 staff had received letters telling them to stay at home from next week. Overall production of the Sagaris, Tuscan...
  4. TVR_Fan

    Who is going to Goodwood FOS 06??

    Other then me, also not long now till Goodwood FOS 06 w00t.
  5. TVR_Fan

    Deciding between a D50 DSLR or a Fujifilm FinePix S9500

    Just ordered one from, and here is a link to the page and the price:,4294959512,50584 Now I just need to find a good price for a 1GB SD Secure Digital Ultra 2 or even these versions of SD...
  6. TVR_Fan

    Sweetener linked with Cancer!!

    Sweetener linked with Cancer and the Sweetener is called Aspartame. Foods with this are: Soft Drinks and Cola Fruit Drinks (Pure non concerate Juice does not have it, by the looks of it) Chewing Gum Fruit Youghts and Youghts Dairy Desserts and Fromage frais Medicines Table-top sweeteners Syrups...
  7. TVR_Fan

    Call of Duty 2

    Who else has this game on PC.
  8. TVR_Fan

    The PSP topic folks!!

    I start off buy saying next expensive thing i be getting for my PSP is this 4GB HDD which can be found here: May leave this until next month or 2 since Christmas is nearly hear, plus i need to keep...
  9. TVR_Fan

    Some may not know this but

    I have now turned 19 w00t.
  10. TVR_Fan

    Anyone want to create a Final Gear Car Club

    In Forza Motorsport, at the moment i am a member of my own car club. But would be willing to join a Final Gear one unless FastCar makes one first.
  11. TVR_Fan

    Photos of your PC area and PC Rigs

    I post mine up sometime this week or next week.
  12. TVR_Fan

    Movies and Films your looking forward to which are coming!!

    Well I am looking forward to: The Fast and the Furious 3 Land of the dead (Made by legend of Zombie B Movies: George A. Romero)
  13. TVR_Fan

    Battlefield 2

    Who is getting this game I am also I am getting these upgrades next week for it. 128MB AGP 8X NVidia GF6800 for ?155 to replace my 64MB NVidia GF4 MX420. Getting extra 512MB DDR2700 ram to put my ram up to 1024MB DDR2700. 600watt PSU that supports SLI and PCI Express to replace my 275watt...
  14. TVR_Fan

    Good News Eastleigh FC said I can go down for trials

    On July 3rd 2005 at 10:00am wish me luck and then see what happens after that. Also Eastleigh FC are in Conference South now gulp.
  15. TVR_Fan

    Did you all know Tiff Needell lives in Hampshire part of UK

    I only found out about this yesterday, when he was racing in AVO Ginetta Champ at Thruxton he crashed out in first race but 2nd race he finished 4th. Plus I saw a digi camcorder on his Ginetta so he must of been filming for 5th Gear aswell. I have photos of him racing but I post them up later.
  16. TVR_Fan

    Your own different names for things topic!!

    I start off what other names do you call the Sun well I call the Sun these names aswell: That bright glowey thingey. That thing in the sky which is glow like.
  17. TVR_Fan

    Your top 10 Comdey TV Shows or Comdey movies / both togther!

    I start off!! 1) Carry On 2) Fawlty Towers 3) Only Fools And Horses 4) The Simpsons 5) Little Britain 6) Shaun Of The Dead 7) Dead Ringers 8 ) Bo Selecta! 9) Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps 10) Trigger Happy TV
  18. TVR_Fan

    Boogeyman movie!! (Trailer Link inside!!)

    Check out the USA trailer for this horror movie:
  19. TVR_Fan

    Counter-Strike Movie Deal Inked

    Hollywood, CA - Following other successful movies based on computer games like Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon, Sony Pictures Entertainment will produce Counter-Strike: Movie. Based on the popular Counter-Strike multiplayer mod from Valve, the movie is guaranteed to be "a rollercoaster ride of...
  20. TVR_Fan

    Do you know what ever happened to (Car Site)

    Do you know what ever happened to (Car Site & Forum) which offered Top Gear vids and what ever happened to Jabba aka the owner and admin of