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  1. konradiusz

    NZ airport bans 'horny' ad

    Being an Australian I've been brought up to...not hate...but to dislike the Kiwi's. But a couple of days ago the Kiwi's made a horrible mistake... NEW Zealand airport officials deny they lack a sense of humour, despite banning a billboard with a lacy bra-clad Jennifer Hawkins clutching a...
  2. konradiusz

    The end of Australia's dominance in world cricket?

    Following the retirement of the 'greatest spin bowler the world has ever seen', Shane Warne, and the ever aging Australian squad, is it fair to say that the Golden Era of Australian Cricket is finally over?
  3. konradiusz

    Airports of the World

    Recently (almost a year now), the South Australian Government, with enormous financial backing from the Australian Federal Government completed building a new terminal in Adelaide. It was a long awaited face lift for Adelaide which has been restricted by an old terminal that looked tired and...